County meeting

Budget Maker James Kuykendall addressed Woodward County Commissioners on Monday morning at the courthouse. The county has dipped into the carry-over account the last two years, according to Kuykendall. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners regular weekly meeting on Monday was dominated by discussion over Woodward County Budget for the fiscal year 2019-2020 with Budget Maker James Kuykendall.

In order for the County to get down to a zero deficit spending, expenses need to be cut over $530,000, according to Kuykendall. No action was taken on the agenda item at this time.

“I think we all go back in our elected offices even in our districts and consider what we can do without and to potentially help our situation,” Chairman Troy White said. “Hope that it's temporary. The numbers are pretty plain and clear that we're short a significant amount of money. And we need to come up with it to be responsible for the taxpayer dollars. And then we reconvene next week's meeting.”

County cash fund estimate of needs and request for appropriations for November is $207,861. Maximum monthly highway expenditures are $90,287 for each district.

In addition to regular business and officer’s reports, the board approved appointments Bailey Poer and County Clerk Wendy Dunlap for requisitioning officers and Steve Hamilton and Mary Lou Sanders as receiving agents for the Event Center and Fairgrounds. Commissioners also approved Sheriff Kevin Mitchell and Brant Stephenson for requisitioning officers and Brandon Elwood as receiving agent for the Mutual Fire Department.

An application for permit public service pipeline crossing was tabled for correction from Northwestern Electric Cooperative for power line in District 2 Section 25, which should actually be Section 36 instead.

Commissioners approved Woodward County Rural Water District 2 close out report for the OEDA REAP grant 19-25. This is for phase 1 of this particular project. Application deadline for phase 2 is Oct. 31.

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