Commission meeting

Tom Nichols with Shadowlake Benefits spoke with Woodward County Commissioners about life insurance and living benefits at the courthouse on Monday morning. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners heard a brief update Monday morning from Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer on COVID-19 and the high fire danger.

While covid numbers are fluctuating throughout the country, Lehenbauer cautions residents to use common sense especially when congregating in air-conditioned areas.

“We are watching the fire danger status,” Lehenbauer said. “Tomorrow looks like a higher danger day. We do have a burn ban is in effect in the panhandle and Major County.”

The board approved option #1 for ACCO-SIF property and liability insurance, saving the county over $2,500.

Commissioners approved county road machinery and equipment revolving fun lease renewal for fiscal year 2020/2021.

Programming resolutions for a construction projects were tabled for more information. One in District 1 on a bridge and approaches over an unnamed creek at NS2130 0.1 mile south of EW410 CN94 will be considered. Another two phases in District 2 on County road EW51 starting at NS201 extending five miles west to NS196 and phase 3 beginning at NS196 extending five miles to NS191 are being considered.

Tom Nichols addressed commissioners about Shadowlake Benefits part of Universal Life Insurance with Living Benefits. Commissioners said they would review the information and no action was taken.

A certificate of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) for High Bird Farms LLC in District 3, Section 16 T22N R20W on 3.6941 acres was acknowledged.

Another OMMA certificate of compliance for Beck’s Nursery in District 1, Section 26 T23N R19W on 2.4 acres was tabled for confirmation, making sure the location isn’t within Mooreland city zoning.

The board authorized the County Treasurer to follow all forms of investment securities permitted under Oklahoma law for fiscal year 2020/2021.

Commissioners approved the reappointment of Bill Fanning and Alan Case Sr. to a 4-year term and Roger Wagner and Vernon Peck to a 2-year term on the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.

The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission public event application for The Stables (Frontier Rodeo Company LLC) was approved for August 28 and 29.

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