Woodward County Commissioners held their weekly meeting Monday.

Commissioners approved a one year contract, recurring for five years for an upgrade on the Woodward County courthouse internet and telephone system with Pioneer Cellular. This will provide the courthouse with voice over internet phone service and 250 megabytes at a 20 percent discount, making their estimate more comparable to AT&T.

District 1 Commissioner Troy White said, ”I appreciate Pioneer Telephone Cooperative’s investment in Woodward County, and the jobs that they provide.”

The board approved claiming approximately $16,400 from the deductible fund for hail damage on county vehicles and property in District 2. This fund builds from premiums with the membership insurance through Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO). 

In the public comments portion of the meeting, Doug Eagan said he felt the bond attorney who spoke at the meeting last week failed to answer certain questions. One being how was the amount of $14.2 million settled on for a bond that had a $9.4 million guaranteed maximum expenditure.

“Since there's not been neither a public statement made, no press release,” Eagan said. ”I think the only thing people have left is to look at carrying the (grand jury) petition. It's a 45 day process. And all of that has now been initiated with the court clerk.”

As of Monday afternoon, however, there was no indication that a grand jury petition has been filed in Woodward County.

District Attorney Chris Boring said on Monday concerning a grand jury petition, "there has been nothing filed with the court clerk as of 4:30 this afternoon."

There was also nothing in the online records of anything being filed in Woodward County concerning a grand jury petition.

Commissioners approved a resolution for disposal of computer systems and software equipment for the county assessor’s office.

An affidavit of assignment fiscal year 2020 subcontractor, Western Plains Youth and Family Services, to submit claims directly to Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs for temporary detention of children.

Four six-month sealed bids were opened for county-wide road materials. The agenda item was tabled for tabulation.

Allocation of alcoholic beverage tax of $20,402.38 was approved.

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