County meeting

Woodward County Commissioners discussed zoning ordinances along Western Avenue for a potential marijuana nursery during the meeting Monday morning at the courthouse. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners had several items on the agenda for their meeting Monday morning.

Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer reported District 1 has received $38,000 from FEMA for flooding damage last year. State fire departments have been reimbursed for the 350 Complex fires in 2016.

There are currently 3 active cases of COVID-19 within Woodward city limits. These new cases have been younger, asymptomatic individuals who were mandated to take the test either to return to work or before a medical procedure, according to Lehenbauer.

The board tabled a certificate of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority for Beck’s Nursery in District 1 Section 26 T23N R19W on 2.4 acres. The land has been confirmed to be in the county near Mooreland and not in the city limits, but the representative for Beck’s Nursery did not show up with the certificate.

A programming resolution for county road construction project in District 1 for a bridge and approaches over an unnamed creak on NS-2130 just south of EW-410 CN94 was approved.

Two other road construction resolutions were disregarded for phases 2 and 3 of a project in District 2 on EW51 from NS201 extending west through NS191. According to District 2 Commissioner Randy Johnson, a resolution for this construction was already approved in 2010.

The board approved the annual contract agreements with the Woodward County Health Department for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Court Clerk records management and preservation monthly report for June was approved.

Commissioners approved for a hearing in two weeks, a possible re-zoning from Agriculture to Industrial as approved by the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, located in District 3 Section 21 T23N R21W with the following measurements of 200 feet from road to back of house, 107 feet from back of house to front of shop and 307 feet from road to front of shop to include the shop. According to District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt, the land along Western Avenue is intended to be used for a marijuana nursery.

The board approved authorizing the Woodward County Treasurer to credit the county general accounts the interest monies accrued from county highway funds.

A countywide internal controls quarterly officers meeting was held to go over the county employee handbook. According to District 1 Commissioner Troy White, the handbook has not been updated since 2012. Some items discussed were updating the county dress code, cell phone and social media time, and compensation time. It was suggested that the county designate an independent human resources person for employees to go to with questions and concerns.

Commissioners opened sealed bids on hourly service rate for a 6-month countywide vibratory drum or sheepsfoot packer and rehabilitation of the bridge over Bearcat Creak in District 1.

Dustin Donley Construction Services, LLC was approved as low bid for the vibratory drum and sheepsfoot packer at $75 an hour.

Dietz Welding & Bridge Construction out of Cleo Springs was approved for low bid on the bridge rehabilitation at $11,837 which was an exceptional difference from the $42,000 bid by Rry Services, LLC out of Stillwater.

In new and unforeseen business, White said he’s had several calls from landowners about EW36 between NS209 and NS211 where construction is being done for transmission lines.

“I spoke to him again this morning. They’re going to try to help out with some rock,” White said. “Hopefully those folks will be a good neighbor and haul some rock in and we'll spread it for them.”

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