Commission hears reports

During the Woodward County Commissioners meeting Monday morning, Woodward County Event Center & Fairgrounds General Manager Bailey Rae Poer (right) gives a brief report before Oklahoma State Department of Health Regional Director Terri Salisbury updates the board on covid numbers. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners met Monday morning beginning with officers’ reports.

“We picked up a big judging contest this Wednesday as a result of the big three field days canceling,” reported Woodward County Event Center & Fairgrounds General Manager Bailey Rae Poer.

Oklahoma State Department of Health Regional Director Terri Salisbury updated the board regarding COVID-19.

“We currently have two active cases, as of last Wednesday,” Salisbury said. “Last year about this time we had six cases.”

According to Salisbury, currently 37.7 percent of the Woodward County population has had one dose and 33 percent has had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Both doses are required for complete protection,” Salisbury said. “There are breakthrough cases from the vaccine which means that someone can have it after they've been vaccinated. However, the chances of them having severe disease and hospitalization drops significantly when they're vaccinated.”

Several certificates of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) were on the agenda.

Whitehead Pharms renewal application for 8.9 acres in Section 36 24N 21W T SE ¼ beginning at the southwest corner of the southeast ¼ N 650 feet, 599.54 feet, south 650 feet, west 599.93 feet to the point beginning in District 3 was examined by the board and a letter from the County Clerk given.

Commissioners examined an OMMA certificate for 501 Ventures, LLC on the SW corner of Section 22 T23N R21W in District 3 and the County Clerk gave a letter to representative Phillip Patten.

No representatives showed up for Petal Acres, LLC and Willow Green LLC OMMA certificates for a 10 acre track in the SE Section 21 T23N R19W in District 1. Patten voiced concern over two companies applying for certificates on the same property.

“We presented that question to our attorney in Oklahoma City,” Patten said. “It's hard to get anything out of the OMMA, so you really have to have an OMMA attorney that knows the business and pay him to answer your questions.”

Low bids were accepted for countywide six-month bids for tires.

The board approved an agreement with Western Plains Youth & Family Services Inc. regarding the Northwest Oklahoma Regional Juvenile Detention Center. The Center’s Director Brooke Havel give an update to Commissioners regarding needed capital improvements.

According to Havel, they have applied for two grants which Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs (OJA) has approved if the county can cover 15 percent of the cost in each instance.

“In the beginning of this year, we received information from OJA that they had some funds available to all of the detention centers in the state for capital improvements,” Havel said. “I submitted two requests. One was to replace our HVAC system.”

The HVAC system is estimated to cost around $24,000. The county’s percentage would be about $3,600.

“I also submitted a request for a generator replacement because we do not have a working generator,” Havel said. “They've approved both those requests if we decide to go forward with them. We just have to incur the 15 percent of each cost.”

The generator is estimated approximately $25,000 with 15 percent of that being around $3,800.

A yearly pledge and guarantee for the Northwestern Oklahoma Solid Waste Disposal Authority was approved for the landfill.

Commissioners approved a resolution disposing of a 2014 Roper refrigerator for the Sheriff’s Department.

The board approved $25,291.52 allocation of alcoholic beverage tax.

In new or unforeseen business, District 1 Commissioner Troy White said a sealed bid for track-hoe services was found and had not been considered last week. The six-month countywide sealed bids will be reposted for bidding.

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