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District 1 Commissioner Troy White asked to table two certificates of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority during the County Commission meeting Monday morning saying, “I don't feel like Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is doing their job with all of these applications." (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners recessed the meeting for a few minutes Monday morning to inspect work in the west courtroom.

According to District 1 Commissioner Troy White a quote was requested for painting the walls of the courtroom, but he wasn’t sure it had been approved.

“I asked for the price quote,” Troy White said. “I don't know where the $4,500 would come from. That may throw us out of balance … I mean it's going to be that close to finish out the year with just our general bill pay and utilities for the courthouse.”

According to District 2 Commissioner Clint White, all the courthouse officers have turned in job descriptions and the Fair Labor Standards Act Audit should be done in about two weeks.

Commissioners heard from Brian Lamoreaux and Joseph Nelson with Chisholm Broadband regarding broadband access in Woodward County.

“There's some changes in the industry that's just happened this month and we've actually deployed it,” Lamoreaux said. “The FCC has opened up some new frequencies.”

Two certificates of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) were tabled.

“I don't feel like Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is doing their job with all of these applications,” Troy White said. “There's some information in the state petition, that we don't know if it has been met or not in terms of Oklahoma residency on the ownership of the LLCs that are being applied for and some things like that.

“I just think that there's some documentation that we need to be requiring from all applicants. Because I don't know that it's been done appropriately down state.”

According to Troy White, he is putting together a list of information for applicants to submit to the county, including proof of Oklahoma residency and ownership percentages that the State Question called for

“I do think we can't rely on the OMMA,” Clint White said. “I would agree with that motion.”

Oklahoma Home Community Education (OHCE) members brought baked goods to the meeting for a meet and greet with commissioners.

“There are four clubs here in Woodward County. We have one in Mooreland, and the other three are here at Woodward,” Woodward County President Marian Stout said. “We're learning every day with times changing … We've got such a wide selection of people, as far as our membership, and we just invite anybody that's interested in learning.”

Commissioners approved detention services agreements with Tulsa County Juvenile Detention Home and the Sac & Fox Nation for fiscal year 2021-2022.

An application for eligibility for federal property donation program to receive federal surplus property was approved.

The board approved interlocal agreements with the Town of Mutual and the Town of Sharon.

Commissioners approved an application for permit public service pipeline crossing from Woodward Iodine Corporation (6) covering Sections 11, 14, 26 and 35 T22N R20W and Sections 2, 13 and 14 T21N R20W in Districts 2 and 3 for Boring Brine Water Line.

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