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City of Woodward IT Director Ryan O'Reilly and E-911 Director Ben Smith conducted an informative presentation about Central Square Technologies for the 911 center's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system at the City of Woodward meeting Monday evening. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Monday evening, Woodward City Commissioners heard an informative presentation by IT Director Ryan O'Reilly and E-911 Director Ben Smith as they explained a system that would help prepare the 911 center for federal NextGen 911 compliance.

According to O’Reilly and Smith, the proposed CentralSquare Technologies Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system would create a smooth transition between 911 call, dispatch, reports and data making a quicker response time.

“Part of the trouble we have is we have one system that's made up of so many smaller sub systems is there's multiple databases, there's multiple places for entry to be incorrect,” O’Reilly said. “It's difficult to keep all of these programs, talking together and communicating properly.”

Many of the programs are not communicating together at all, according to O’Reilly.

“The one thing with CentralSquare is it's all inclusive, database that offers multiple modules on one single data set. So you have one entry that spreads out through all those modules,” Smith explained. “This allows for quicker input with that quicker input, it allows for a faster response time for first responders to those citizens, we're not having to delay response, we're getting it out there quite faster.”

With CentralSquare, dispatch will have a map showing where all units, by department are at. Responders can send pictures and information directly back to dispatch from the scene, according to Smith.

“This allows us to become next generation I-3 three compliant,” Smith said. “What that is, is the national standard, that 911 centers have to be able to receive text messages, video and pictures. This allows us to do that.”

According to O’Reilly, surrounding agencies will have the opportunity to join the platform.

“All they have to cover is their licensing fees and maintenance fees,” O’Reilly said. “Utilizing a system that has the necessary features set for us to become NextGen 911 and I-3 compliant and transmit critical data to our officers in the field in real time is of utmost importance to the safety of our officers and citizens.”

According to Smith, the system will take approximately eight to 12 months to make the transition with historical data conversion.

When citizens call 911, they will still speak to a real person on the line, Smith said.

The CentralSquare system will cost $305,000 with all hardware, manuals and training included, as well as servers and the first year’s maintenance after system start-up. Maintenance will be $40,000 per year after that.

“It's not a budget item per se but we have the technology ticket money we have the stimulus dollars to used for purpose for this type of thing,” City Manager Alan Riffel said. “This has been needed for a number of years.”

According to Riffel, installation of the new 911 system can begin now that the board has approved the software license and service agreement with CentralSquare Technologies.

The commission also approved a facilities use agreement with Worldwide Checkered Flag Promotions LLC.

Votes for board of trustees of the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group were approved.

The board approved adoption of an ordinance to amend exceptions to the requirement for competitive bidding and declared an emergency.

An abatement, boarding and securing agreement with Green Zebra Services was approved.

An executive session was held to discuss the procedure for hiring a new city manager. No action was taken at this time.

The commission agreed the Woodward Municipal Authority will participate in Trash Off Day by allowing customers free landfill privileges on Saturday, April 17th. Trash Off Day is part of the Great American Cleanup and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful.

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