Woodward County Commissioners met Monday morning for their regular weekly meeting.

Andrew Land with Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc. addressed the Commissioners about possible county wide updates in phone and internet service. Right now the county has 10mp for the Sheriff’s Department and 10mp for the Event Center and Fairgrounds. Both locations use 12 1/2, which is the maximum they can service with the system in place now. 

Land suggested several upgrade options that can be done in phases. Eventually the suggested upgrades would include a completely new phone and internet system through fiber optics. This would give the county unlimited long distance in addition to giving county officers and employees more options. 

“They can be connected and interconnected with different options and different speeds, whereas the main internet pool will be at one location, the courthouse with the fairgrounds,” said Land. “A wide area network encompasses all of them with a direct fiber feed into each of those locations which allows everybody to communicate with everybody else and allows that internet traffic to be shared.”

Commissioners asked for a quote to be submitted as well as for the county clerk’s office to present a price comparison for the next meeting.

Daniel and Debra Breckenridge addressed the Commissioners in public comments about the conditions of the country road they live on. 

“It's in bad shape. About the time that the windmills started coming in and particularly now with the

oil projects on board, we've got traffic on to there that’s tearing up the road and that's created another sort of problems we've got big trucks flying down that road excessive rates of speed,” said Daniel Breckenridge.

One of Breckenridge’s guardian dogs was hit on the road the day after Christmas. He said they are reinforcing their fencing to keep the dogs off the road. Debra Breckenridge said unfortunately the guardian dogs will cross the boundaries to protect their livestock from coyotes.

“Even though we want to keep them on that side of the road. The majority of the time to coyotes are on the other side. So that's what their purpose is to keep them away from the goats and the many donkeys that we have,” she said.

The Breckenridge’s also said they like to take a horse drawn carriage up the road, but the trucks make it dangerous. They suggested a speed limit of 35 miles per hour on that road.

Commissioners approved Woodward County Rural Water District #2 OEDA Reap Grant for drilling a new water well.

A resolution for declaration of surplus for District 1 John Deere 624J Wheel Loader was approved, as well as a sealed bid from D Bar S out of Mooreland for $60,000. Seven letters were sent out for this bid and only one bid was received.

Commissioners approved the use of the courthouse front lawn for Northwest Oklahoma Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) to decorate in April 2019.

Commissioners accepted the resignation letter from the Woodward County Flood Plains Management Board. District Attorney Chris Boring advised the board that they are now the default Flood Plains Management Board members and will need to keep those meetings and business separate from the County Commissioner meetings and business.

The next Woodward County Flood Plains Management Board meeting will be at the Woodward Soil Conservation Center at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Chief Deputies were designated by the commissioners; David Dezort for District 1, Benny Watkins for District 2 and Donnie Thorn for District 3.

Maximum Monthly Highway Expenditures for January are $277,788.70, making $92,596.23 for each district.

Commissioners approved a resolution for disposing of equipment for the Woodward County Treasurer.

Applications for permit public service pipeline crossings from Tapstone Energy for a produced water pipeline in District 2 were approved for sections 25 and 30. 

District 2 County Commissioner Randy Johnson said this water pipeline should eventually relieve some of the pressure presented by the Breckenridge's during public comments.

In new or unforeseen business commissioners commented that an architect will be at the courthouse to discuss possible remodeling of the courtroom and court clerk areas.