Troy White

Commissioner Troy White deliberating on the State of Emergency Declaration due to the recent fire north of Mooreland and whether or not this declaration is still needed for funding purposes. (Photo by Ashley Berends)

The Woodward County Commissioners had their weekly meeting Monday morning and voted to extend the countywide burn ban to Aug. 15.

“We meet all the criteria for the required conditions except for over 100 degree temperatures forecast. Right now the prediction is for high 90’s over the next 72 hours. Any significant rainfall is still about three weeks out,” said Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer.

The current ban has been in place since late July.

Commissioners discussed the State of Emergency Declaration due to the recent wildfire event near Mooreland. This would have allowed crews to go back on the property to clean anything up if need be. They agreed to not take action at this time.

Commissioners approved the transfer of $20,000 from capital outlay to Woodward County Fire Departments to cover the costs of repairs, fuel and other extra expenses due to the 217 Fire.

A bid for 6 month grinding and milling asphalt was awarded to Coughlin Co. from Kansas. No local companies placed a bid. The bid came in at $40,500 per mile, with the project being seven miles totaling $283,500.

Property on Garvey and Marum Block 11, North 75 ft of Lot 3 was bought by Adrian and Charlotte Hamm for $691.62. Property on Cline Park Block, South half of 11 and lot 12 was bought by Steve and Christy Pierce for $1,791.62. Properties were received back to the treasurer through resale property taxes.

The Lease Agreement with ODOT and Woodward County District # 2 for a 772G Motor Grader was approved.

Resolution R-22-45 regarding the Maximum Monthly Highway Expenditures for July 2022 gives $63,823.42 per district.

Routine approved items included:

- Monthly Reports of Officers

- County Cash Fund Estimate of needs and request for appropriations for July 2022

- Treasurer Monthly Report

- Requisition and receiving officers for District #3

- Court Clerk Records Monthly Report

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