Woodward County Commissioners from left Donny Thorn, Clint White and Troy White look over bids at Monday's meeting. (Photo by Ashley Berends)

Woodward County Commissioners were still split Monday in deciding to extend the county burn ban. Commissioners Troy White and Donny Thorn agreed that conditions still were not worth the risk, “things are still exceptionally dry,” said Troy White.

Commissioner Clint White still felt like the area did not meet the standards to continue the ban and voted no.

The ban will continue until Dec. 12

As an update on grants, Dr. Tom Lucas said the Quinlan rural water application was completed.

Bid that were open and awarded to the lowest bidder are as follows:

Bid B-22-30: 1 year Election Board Ballot Printing went to Royal Printing. The Election Board already has a relationship with them and the second bid from Midwest Printing was the same price as Royal Printing - 14.4 cents per ballot.

Bid B-22-31: Chipping and sealing went to the only bid from B & H Paving from Scott City, Kan. for $4,670 a mile - $2.36 per pound, labor plus materials.

Bid B-22-32: Right of Way Mowing 6 months had no bids and no action was taken. Commissioners decided to wait closer to spring to re-bid this project. The contract will be for spring until June 30, 2023.

Bid B-22-33: Grader Blades/Bolts for 6 months was tabled for tabulation.

Bid B-22-34 Packer Services went to the only bid from Dustin Donley Construction at $90 per hour.

Commissioners also approved the contract with Brian Dowell with NegaWatt for LED lighting upgrade using the Cares Act money to have immediate savings and not pay any interest. Savings are projected to be $68,000 per year. Cost is $287,000 and OG&E is putting in $70,000.

No action was taken on lease purchase finance with Stock Exchange bank for the 2022 F-150. An update on the paperwork was needed and will follow up on it next Monday. The correction was to reflect vehicle as a 2022 F-250 and the previous interest rate was 1.75 % and currently the rate is 3.75%.

The Department of Transportation’s proposed plan for a job in District #2 for Sharon was approved. A claim for the right of way part of this project was also approved.

Routinely approved items include 4 week payroll, monthly reports of officers, purchase orders and appointing receiving agents.

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