Commission meeting

Melanie Matt with OSU Extension talks to county commissions about budget and contract agreements with the extension office on Monday morning. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

The Woodward County Commission board met on Monday morning in the civil defense room of the courthouse to consider several agenda items.

Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer reported that covid safety and sanitation preparations are being made for the elections coming up.

“We've seen a limited case rise in the series over the last week or so. Ellis County had their first one,” Lehenbauer said. “Texas County's numbers are increasing a lot slower.”

The board discussed Social Media Broadcasting, with County Clerk Wendy Dunlap saying wifi is available in the basement of the courthouse and YouTube can be live-streamed and set to go directly to the county website if there is ever a need to have open meetings available live, online again. There was no action taken on this agenda item at this time.

Commissioners approved an application for $6,123,882.05 in temporary appropriations for fiscal year 2020/2021.

The board approved low bids on last week’s sealed bids for six-month grader blades and bolts and countywide emulsion.

A contract with Canadian County Juvenile Detention Center was approved at $36 per day per child.

Commissioners approved budget and contract agreements with OSU Extension with Educator Melanie Matt.

The board acknowledged a certificate of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority from Gaea’s Grow LLC in District 3 Section 25 R24 T21.

Re-appointments to the Woodward County E911 Board were approved; Bill Phillips to represent Sharon-Mutual area, Kevin Mitchell to represent Woodward County and Shaun Barnett to represent the City of Woodward.

Commissioners approved a transfer of funds error correction for the County Treasurer. When Miscellaneous #722 was put into the computer, a fund number error was made, creating a separate line item instead of the regular Fire Fighting-Sharon M&O account.

According to County Treasurer Kim Bowers, the past year has been a challenge, consolidating accounts for various departments per auditor's recommendations.

Oklahoma DR-4530 COVID-19, formerly EM-3462 state-local agreement which shall apply to all assistance funds provided through or by the State of Oklahoma based on damages resulting from the pandemic was approved.

According to Lehenbauer, this is separate from the CARES Act, which will probably be applied for first since it is quicker with 100 percent payback compared to FEMA’s 75 percent which could take years.

This type of agreement will be a requirement for all disasters from now on.

The board approved renewal of contracts and lease purchase payment list for fiscal year 2020/2021.

Commissioners approved an option to renew leases from Community National Bank on three 2019 John Deere 77G motor graders for District 1 and one for District 3.

An appointment of District 2 Commissioner Randy Johnson for requisitioning agent and Sara Cramer and Jonna Schmidt as receiving agents for W-911 (wireless and cellular) and E-911 were approved.

The board tabled the ACCO-SIG property and liability insurance for Woodward County for payment options and clarification on the deductible fund account. The premium was listed as $194,525 with a deductible of $25,000 and deductible fund of $25,000.

The board did not amend the courthouse security and protective measures and continuity operational plan regarding COVID-19.

Gregory Klaes addressed the board about property tax concerns.

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