Commission meeting

General Contractor Joe D Hall Representative Kris Richardson explains the estimated on roofing project on Building A at the Woodward County Event Center & Fairgrounds to Woodward County Commissioners on Monday morning at the courthouse. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

Woodward County Commissioners met Monday morning. District 1 Commissioner Troy White was not in attendance.

During discussion with County officers and Emergency Management Director, Oklahoma State University Extension Director Melanie Lynes-Matt introduced the new Educator Cassie Hood to commissioners.

Emergency Management Director Matt Lehenbauer addressed the recent jump in COVID-19 cases locally and in the county.

"We are seeing the expected post-holiday surge now, both locally and statewide," Lehenbauer said. "We continue to recommend protective measures be taken by the community. First responder vaccinations have been completed for Phase 2. Vaccinations of the high-risk and elderly are underway. Clinics will be set up at the Woodward County Event Center every Thursday in January. Registration continues online and via phone."

Monday's updated numbers show no changes in fatalities, but an increase in active cases, especially from a week ago. Woodward now has 192 active cases, Mooreland 24, Sharon 5 and Fort Supply 6. There have been 2,704 positive cases recorded in Woodward County during the pandemic, including 130 in the last two reports.

In addition to regular business, low bids were approved for county-wide six-month emulsion bids.

A certificate of compliance for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority was acknowledged for Mean Green Growers in SW SE Section 21 T23N R21W on 4.865 acres in District 3.

General Contractor Joe D Hall was hired to take on the estimated under $400,000 roofing project on Building A at the Woodward County Event Center & Fairgrounds. According to the company’s Representative Kris Richardson, the estimate is very conservative in light of political and economic instabilities.

“As everybody knows material goes up daily,” Richardson stated. “If we bid it today, it wouldn't cost you that much.”

Design will take a couple of months and bids have to be out for 30 days, according to Richardson, making the estimate three months old.

The project includes a 30-year warranty and a percentage will be covered by insurance. The $25,000 deductible will be covered with the county deductible fund, which was approved last week.

Richardson asked commissioners for more information on the courtroom damage before committing to that job. The Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO) sent a representative to assess only the damage in the courtroom and officers are concerned about the number of drop ceilings and possible damage above the judge’s chambers and Court Clerk’s office.

“There's two false ceilings above my office, where the court clerk’s office and the jury room,” District Judge Justin Eilers said. “Above those two false ceilings are all those tiles. They can be harvested from there, but the fact is that, if that's an original ceiling, these tiles are 80 almost 90 years old at this point.”

While the ACCO insurance adjuster approved replacing carpet, pad, ceiling tiles and damaged electrical equipment, he did not look at that part of the building. These repairs were approved as a state of emergency, since the courtroom is unusable until repairs are made.

Richardson said once he has a report from the adjuster, he can get a few subcontractors up there to look at the damage. How long it will take to start on the work depends on how long it takes for material to come in.

The fiscal year 2021 COVID-19 safety protocol modification for the regional juvenile detention center contract was tabled. After reading the modifications, District Attorney Christopher M. Boring said the Oklahoma Department of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) was trying to change the contract with Woodward County.

“In the contract it is saying that OJA has the authority to reduce the amount of beds,” Boring said. “I think we need to have our subcontractor here. We need to make sure that they've done protocol to where they set out measures and how they're protecting against covid.”

The county cash fund estimate of needs and request for appropriations for Dec. 2020 was approved at $281,645.89. Maximum monthly highway expenditures was approved at $1,634,256.03, totaling $544,752.01 per district.

Commissioners appointed Les Spray and Donnie McDannald as receiving agents for district 2.

District 3 Commissioner Vernie Matt and Troy White were appointed requesting agents for the flood plains board and for general government, charity and juvenile detention. Troy White was also approved as requesting agent for the W-911 and E-911 boards.

An agreement with GL Endeavors to place an ATM at the County Fairgrounds at the Fair board’s recommendation was approved.

District 2 Commissioner Clint White asked officers about the county’s employee cell phone policy. After some discussion it was decided the possibly out of date policy would be a topic to tackle during an officers meeting.

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