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Woodward Mayor John Meinders released a new proclamation Thursday morning to bring the City of Woodward in line with Gov. Kevin Stitt’s three phase plan to reopen businesses and functions in Oklahoma.

Stitt announced on Wednesday that starting on Friday, April 24, some businesses such as personal care businesses could reopen for appointments. This includes barbershops, spas, nail salons and pet grooming businesses. This is the first phase of Stitt’s plan.

According to the City of Woodward proclamation, Woodward will follow the state-wide plan which goes in to effect Friday, April 24.

The proclamation urges residents to continue to use caution and adhere to state and local guidance such as washing hands frequently, avoid touching your face, disinfect frequently used items, use face coverings, and follow the Safer-At-Home guides.

As of April 24, the following businesses may reopen, according to the City of Woodward proclamation:

Personal care businesses, such as hair salons, barbershops, spas, nail salons, and pet groomers can reopen for appointments only, must adhere to sanitation protocols, and follow guidelines posted on the Oklahoma Department of Commerce website regarding social distancing between customers and visitors at personal care businesses.

State parks and outdoor recreation should be reopened.

Grocery stores should continue to maintain hours for vulnerable populations.

"We agree with Governor Stitt's plan for reopening businesses because it is based on local health benchmarks for moving to the next phase,” said Woodward City Manager Alan Riffel.” It also keeps social distancing guidelines in effect that appear to have the desired outcome of slowing the spread of the virus. It's vital that everyone continues to be vigilant in taking health safety precautions.

“Hopefully, we'll all recognize and obey any restrictions various businesses have at their own locations. We're glad to take steps toward resuming normal commerce, so we sure don't want that interrupted in the future.”

On May 1, the following businesses can reopen:

Dining, entertainment, movie theatres, and sporting venues can operate using CDC recommended social distancing and sanitation protocols.

Gyms can reopen if they adhere to CDC recommended social distancing and sanitation protocols.

Places of worship can reopen for in-person meetings or worship if they leave every other row or pew open and adhere to CDC recommended social distancing and sanitation protocols, plus the recommended guidelines from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Bars should remain closed.

Tattoo Parlors can reopen for appointments only and must adhere to sanitation protocols and social distancing protocols for distancing between customers and visitors.

If hospital and incident rates remain at a manageable level for 14 days, the state will move into Phase 2, according to the proclamation. However, it there is an increase in cases or hospitalizations, restrictions may be reapplied.

Phase 2 is currently scheduled to take effect on May 15.

Among changes in that phase are, organized sports activities can reopen and operate under proper social distancing and sanitation protocols. Bars can operate with diminished standing room occupancy. Funerals and weddings can resume under social distancing protocols. Church nurseries can reopen.

Phase 3 is scheduled for June 1 but details for that date are still being worked out.

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