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This year has seen new challenges at Woodward’s Early Childhood Center (ECC) on 34th Street. Parents entering the school parking lot take a ¾-mile dirt road behind the ECC. It was made a few years ago. The end of the road comes out where children are dropped off and picked up by staff at the back of the school building.

This year, for the first time, some adults have driven down the dirt road as if it was a two-lane road instead of it being a one-lane road. Because of this, car tires rubbed against wooden beams marking the edges of the road. Unbeknownst to school personnel, some of the beams contained big nails sticking out of them. These nails flattened the tires for several of those driving side-by-side along that road.

“This problem has already been corrected,” said Superintendent Kyle Reynolds. “The nails have been flattened out or removed. There were about half-a-dozen cars affected by that.”

“We also sent our school resource representative out there on Wednesday to make sure the cars were staying single-file until they get through the gated area that comes onto the school property,” Reynolds said.

Those with questions or concerns about this may contact Reynolds at the Woodward Public School’s Administration Building on Main Street.

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