Carpenters for Christ

Carpenters for Christ at work on the 1000 Hills Ranch Church building south of Woodward. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

By Dawnita Fogleman

Staff Writer

Around 35 men and boys traveled around 1,000 miles from Valley, Alabama to Woodward for the first two weeks in June to work.

Bringing tools, bunks, and kitchen supplies, East Alabama Carpenters for Christ came so 1000 Hills Ranch Church can have a building of their own. The cowboy church has been meeting at Woodward Stockyards on Sundays for about seven years, only three years after it was established.

The Carpenters of Christ is an organization that came out of the Brotherhood of the Southern Baptist Church, according to Whistleblower Don Wall.

“I'm the whistleblower. The whistleblower is kind of an organizer,” Wall explained. “God laid it on our heart to help other churches in rural areas and in areas where they couldn't afford to pay the labor to have a church building on Family Life Center or whatever they needed as far as a building is concerned.”

According to Wall, Carpenters of Christ has been doing this for close to 30 years. 

“We go somewhere every year,” Wall said. “Why in Woodward? Because there was a need here in Woodward.”

Wall said Mark Messenger, church elder, contacted him about the church’s situation.

“We came out here couple months ago,” Wall said. “and saw what they were doing and what they wanted to do. So we went back and sat down with our group and told’m what it was and told’m to pray about it. So, they came back said yeah, we want to go to Woodward.”

Wall said they work for Christ. Christ is their shepherd and they are, as the name suggests, carpenters of Christ. They came because they believe Christ called them.

“We're here to do what we can in two weeks to help this church achieve their goal of having, right now they’re meeting in the stockyard, to have in a place of their own where they can minister to their community through that building,” Wall shared. “We do all we can in that two weeks, and whatever gets done, we assume that that's what God wanted done. So that's our mission.”

On kitchen duty was 12 year-old Josh Robinson. His father, Mark, said he is a really good cook.  

“I was interested,” Robinson said. “I always wanted to go cause I think it’s fun.

According to the mission statement, 1000 Hills Ranch Church exists to reach the unchurched western culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ by tearing down religious barriers and building authentic relationships.

For more information about 1000 Hills Ranch Church and this project, call 580-216-6427.

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