“What if the whole world came together as one super community? No more racial or economic disparity. No more war or starvation, violent crime. Sounds pretty good, right? Only, what if,” starts Author Daniel Wimberley about his book The Pedestal, a 2016 Best Book Awards finalist.

Wimberley will be in Woodward on Thursday, Aug. 22 at noon for a catered luncheon at the Woodward Conference Center.

Wimberley is a professional web developer from Owasso. He is also author of The Wandering Tree, Flowers on Golgotha and illustrator of the children’s book I Don’t Eat Things With Eyes.

The Wandering Tree is a 2016 USA Best Book finalist, 2017 Oklahoma Book Awards finalist, 2017 International Best Book finalist and 2017 Kindle Book Awards finalist. 

From The Wandering Tree description, “Yet all is not lost. Because in a long neglected hayfield, something extraordinary is happening—something so contrary to human thinking that the rules of possibility begin to unravel.”

More information about Wimberley’s books are on his website at http://www.danielwimberley.com.

To RSVP or for more information contact the Woodward Public Library or call (580)254-8544.