There is an artist in our midst.

Many people in Woodward may not know that Randy Meyer of Farm Credit is also a very skilled and talented artist.

Randy Meyer grew up around horses and cattle and rodeo. In fact, he and his family did everything they could on horseback. In his spare time, Meyer spent time drawing and sketching horses.

“If I wasn’t riding them, I was drawing them,” said Meyer.

Although he mostly draws scenes with cowboys, horses and cattle, that isn’t all he does. In fact, Meyer can draw pretty much anything.

“I do it all free hand,” said Meyer. “It keeps more integrity in the art.”

Meyer sold his first piece of art in 1993.

“So far I’ve been pretty fortunate to sell my originals,” said Meyer. “I’m just thankful somebody wants them.”

People have asked Meyer to do portraits or other specific things, but that isn’t his choice of work.

“I’ve steered away from commission work,” said Meyer.

The reason? Meyer is concerned that if he does a piece of work that someone asks him to do, they will feel obligated to buy it even if they do not like it.

Anyone who has seen Meyer’s work cannot imagine him doing a piece of work that someone might not like. But Meyer is very humble about his talent and for that reason he does not prefer commission work.

Still, Meyer has been featured in art shows and exhibits.

“I’ve had a few shows, some were one-man shows. I did one three-man show.”

Meyer has also had greeting cards made of his work.

“I don’t really sell them,” Meyer said. “If someone buys my work I might give them some cards. If they want them.”

Most of Meyer’s work is done in pencil or colored pencil but he also enjoys oils, acrylics and pastels.

One of Meyer’s pieces called “Reflections of a Cowboy” features an area cowboy, E.F. Wise. All of Meyer’s work is very realistic and lifelike. The most important thing is, he enjoys doing it.

“I guess it’s just a passion,” said Meyer.

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