By Brandi Thomas

Staff Writer

There was some "pie-flying" action at the Love's South convenience store this weekend.

On Saturday, Sept. 8 the employees of the Love's store along Williams Ave. all got pies in the face for raising money for the Children's Miracle Network.

According to Jenniffer Warfield, she got the delicious idea when the store recently started selling paper hearts to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network and it's efforts to support children's hospitals.

"I talked to my manger and asked him what he thought of putting jars out with each employee's name on them and whoever got the most money in those jars would get a pie in the face," Warfield said.

At first her manager, Gary Insco, thought that she was joking, but then later came in with the jars.

And the donations came clinking in, several quarters, nickels and dimes at a time.

"Each day we would have our regular customers come in with handfuls of change for our jars," Cassandra Miller said.

"We started this just 2 weeks ago and Cassandra and I both had $140 in each of our jars," Warfield said.

With such a generous response from the customers, what originally started to be a pie for just the leading person, ended up meaning pies for the whole staff, including the store manager.

Miller and Warfield both got pies from 2 of their regular customers and on Saturday.

However, none of the staff seemed to mind getting a pie in the face on Saturday and gladly participated in the event.  "It was all for a good cause," Miller said.

In addition to getting pied just for having their jars filled with coins, customers who came by Saturday had the option to donate a dollar to Children's Miracle Network for the chance to toss another pie at the workers.

And while all the pies have been pitched, the Loves store is still taking donations for the Children's Miracle Network and would 'love' for you to stop in and help out.

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