Woodward has two new National Board of Education certified teachers.

Karen Rogers of High Plains Technology Center and Dana Farley of Woodward Middle School North have both received national certification status after a year long process of application and testing.

“I already have my Master’s so it was the next step for me,” said Farley. “I have many years left to teach.”

Beginning in August of 2005 Farley and Rogers began to create a portfolio of things such as teaching methods, philosophies, experiences and achievements. The portfolio had to be completed and submitted by March of 2006.

The applicants then had until June 31 to take their assessment test. The assessment test involves six exercises developed by practicing professionals in the designated certificate area. The test can take as long as three hours.

Rogers and Farley both received word in mid-December of 2006 that they had received their National Board of Education Certification. Rogers’ certification is in the area of Early Childhood Through Young Adult/Exceptional Needs and Farley’s is in the area of Early Adolescent English Language Arts.

“It’s really a self-evaluation process,” said Rogers. “Hopefully I came out of it better than I went in.”

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