Cardboard Cadet

An aerial photo from Cardbord Cadet. (Photo provided)

Local resident Chris Castor had a pleasant surprise on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 27th. His two drone film festival entries in the NO AR Drone Film Festival Brazil won awards. Cardboard Cadet Best Narrative and The Last Dronie Best Dronie. Both films are available for viewing on YouTube and Facebook, as are several other short films by Castor.

“From drawing and painting to learning to play guitar and singing, I grew up being creative,” Castor said.

After graduating from Woodward High School, Castor attended and graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. He tried to get a job as a children’s book illustrator but was led in a different direction.

“After college I found my way into the film industry, which I love,” Castor said. “I now work full-time for The Skit Guys Studios creating a wide variety of content for”

The Skit Guys are Tommy Woodard and Eddie James who travel around the world performing for families, churches, events, and conferences. They produce short films, skits, and scripts for families, pastors, and churches to make people laugh and draw them closer to Jesus.

Castor uses a broad spectrum of skills and talents in his multi-faceted career and free-lancing. These include painting commissioned portraits, advertising content, feature-length film and short film production, screen writing, directing, visual effects (VFX), music videos, FAA licensed drone film making, and more.

Castor tries to stay one step ahead of the current trends in the filming industry. His two award-winning films in the Brazil drone film festival each consisted of storylines rather than just scenic locations which are common in drone films. His two short films told stories.

Castor primarily works from home in Woodward. When needed, he goes to the specific sites in other cities, states, and countries, to complete the individual jobs. He wears many hats with The Skit Guys including some directing, helping on set, VFX, motion graphics, graphic design, and more.

During the summer of 2017, Castor and his then 5-year-old son, Kai, began working on their award-winning film, Cardboard Cadet. “Making Cardboard Cadet was a lot of fun for Kai and I to make,” said Castor. “It will be great memories for us in the future.”

“We worked together for a couple of evenings to make a cardboard airplane and then did an afternoon shooting outside,” Castor said. “We also did some filming inside in front of a green screen. Then I shot the drone video and started editing."

Cardboard Cadet was one of several short drone videos Castor has made and entered into drone film festivals across the U.S. and around the world. “Since 2017, Cardboard Cadet has been in around 14 film festivals world-wide and won around 12 awards,” Castor said.

“The Last Dronie (2018) was a fun project with some hometown friends,” Castor said. “In the drone world, a Dronie is the term for taking a selfie with your drone and flying backwards to reveal your location. The idea being, what would you do if you were caught in a zombie apocalypse with a drone? Could you use it to find a route out?

“This film has won Best Dronie in several film festivals internationally."

In looking to 2021 . . . “I want to try to produce two new short films by myself and learn a few new programs (for computers) to help with the work I do in filmmaking and visual effects,” Castor said.

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