Northwest Oklahoma Alliance (NwOA) is hosting a Teeny Tiny Town Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at the Woodward Conference Center.

The summit promises to improve and enrich communication between communities, encouraging small towns to share resources, assistance, and education.

“We (NwOA) include 19 counties and some 129 towns and cities,” explained NwOA President James Leonard. “Considering 117 of those towns and cities are populations under 3000, we have been wanting to put together a summit that was truly geared to teeny tiny towns.”

Most programs classify small towns and cities at populations of 50,000 or less, according to Leonard, who is also Buffalo’s Economic Development Coordinator.

“We wanted the truly small towns to receive their due,” Leonard said. “This first summit is open to all, all our towns and cities.”

NwOA is designed to develop and promote regional resources, according to NwOA Secretary Lana Shaffer.

“The idea is to provide our small area communities a day specifically created for them to learn about opportunities and resources available,” Shaffer said. “Our board is made up of individuals from many northwest Oklahoma communities.”

According to Leonard, the Board of NwOA believes any community leader or volunteer has something to gain from this first ever Teeny Tiny Town Summit.

“Often times information is tailored to larger rural communities and we wanted to create an opportunity specifically for our teeny towns," he said.

Workshop topics at the Teeny Tiny Town Summit include grant writing, broadband, place-making, and water infrastructure.

“NwOA is designed to develop and promote regional resources,” Shaffer said. “We continually look for economic develop opportunities and ways to work together that benefits our entire region.”

NwOA has been planning a Teeny Tiny Town Summit since before the pandemic hit, according to Leonard.

“We have been excited about this since first coming up with it and have been anxiously awaiting this day,” Leonard said. “We expect this first ever event to be exceptional and we expect to learn from it as well so the next ones will be even better.”

NwOA has well attended and educational quarterly business luncheons to develop, promote and identify existing resources and coordinate efforts to educate and improve Northwest Oklahoma.

“This will positively affect our 19 Northwest Oklahoma counties and their towns and cities,” Leonard said. “If you participate in this summit, wherever you return home to will benefit from your attendance.”

The event is from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Registration is $35. For more information, call Trent Misak at 580-233-4232 or email

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