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For the past few weeks, interested individuals have been doing an on-line survey regarding a possible indoor aquatic center to be built at 13th and Downs Avenue in Woodward.

A variety of possibilities include water walking, water aerobics, diving, lap swimming, competitive swimming, a lazy river, spa/hot tub/whirlpool, therapy pool, lazy river, resistance water current, and water slides.

“The survey results are very positive, which is good,” said Trent Yadon, chairman of the Woodward Aquatic Center Committee. Results of the survey will be posted on the web site with each question and the responses graphed and charted. (

Highlights of the 1,842 responses to the survey regarding a Woodward Aquatic Center -

89% support an indoor aquatic center

34% think the existing public pools (Crystal Beach and Boiling Springs) meet their personal needs

79% say existing facilities are not designed for activities they are interested in

Top desires for a Woodward Aquatic Center -

85% aquatic therapy pool for relaxation and fitness

78% warm water leisure pool

69% spa/hot tub/whirlpool

Programs wanted at the Woodward Aquatic Center -

70% water exercise classes

67% recreational swimming

59% water therapy

Notable comments from the online survey:

*I don’t currently use a (Woodward) pool because of the absence of a lap style pool.

*These needs are not met because I need a year around pool for exercise. The public pools are for recreation in the summer.

*I have back injury and constantly have Doctors in OKC tell me I need exercise in a pool. I normally just laugh and say, ‘not in Woodward!’ They are surprised we have no indoor pool for this.

*We are considering relocating when we retire due to the lack of community wellness centers in our area.

*Greater community health, and more opportunities for sports and civic pride, will make Woodward a more desirable place to live. Great idea, and ideal location near both the senior center and high school.

*This would be the only facility like this within 76 miles. It would bring in revenue from local surrounding communities.

Now that the survey results are in and available on the website, the fundraising stage will continue. Yadon is making a plea to all those that would like to see this project become a reality, to donate to the Woodward Aquatic Center funds.

“Our focus will now be on raising the remaining $53,000 of the necessary $70,000,” said Yadon. “Interestingly, if everyone who took the survey and was favorable toward the aquatic center would give $33.00, this funding need will be met.”

“This money is for the architectural fees for development of the design and the 3-D digital models of the Woodward Aquatic Center by Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture firm in Denver, Colorado,” said Yadon. “Until we have a model and costs, we cannot apply for grant monies.”

The funding will not come from increased sales taxes or property taxes from Woodward residents. This project is being chaired and steered by residents and business owners.

After the architectural plans for the Woodward Aquatic Center are completed, there will be a variety of opportunities to see the 3-D digital designs and give feedback. The main fundraising for the facility will begin after the architectural plans are revised and finalized.

“We will need to raise approximately $15 million to build and furnish the facility,” said Yadon. Fundraising will consist of grants, federal and state funds, and philanthropic supporters. The web site will keep people posted on the designs, fundraising, and construction over the next several months.

Donations for the Woodward Aquatic Center may be sent to the Woodward Community Foundation—FBO Woodward Aquatic Center located at 1006 Oklahoma Ave., Woodward, OK 73801. Donations can also be made online at the Aquatic Center’s web site

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