“As footwear provides the only interface between the body and ground when standing, alterations in footwear have the ability to influence the forces acting through the body, posture and movement, as well as to provide necessary protection against foot trauma and slips,” states the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (Anderson, Williams, and Nester- 2017).

Research by the College of Podiatry revealed in 2019 that Chronic Foot Pain = Debilitation = Lack of Concentration and Performance.

“Step Ahead” is a new Woodward area campaign to honor hardworking employees with new comfortable shoes. Co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members may each nominate someone that works tirelessly on their feet all day.

The daughter of Sarah Boyce, Boyce Electric and Lighting, received new shoes from Brown’s Shoe Fit Company and bragged about them being the most comfortable shoes she ever had. She wished more people could enjoy a pair of these comfortable shoes.

Woodward resident Bev Chestnut knows the importance of shoes. “Anything that is between you and the ground you should never buy cheap. It’s always worth the extra money,” she says.

This led to the creation of “Step Ahead” to give away free shoes to area workers nominated for this campaign.

“I discussed this idea with local businesses-- Brown’s Shoe Fit Company, New Life Med Spa, Newell Inspection Services, and Boyce Electric,” Boyce said. “They all liked the idea and donated money to buy new shoes for people. Dr. Lehman’s wife, Angie, came up with the catchy phrase- “Step Ahead.”

“We would like to reward 15 “above and beyond” employees with a new pair of Brown’s tennis shoes (valued at $150),” Boyce said. “People can give thought to workers such as janitors, service workers, police officers, first responders, teachers, wait staff, cafeteria workers, and business employees on their feet long hours a day.”

“Send us a written description of the nominee, where they work, and why they deserve to be blessed with these wonderfully comfortable new shoes,” Boyce added.

To enter the name of a worker from the Woodward area, describe your nominee in 100 words or less and email it to NominateAworker@yahoo.com by noon on November 2, 2020. A committee will select and notify the winners.

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