Boiling Springs Golf Club

A look at Boiling Springs Golf Club from the air. (Drone photo provided by Jeff Wagner)

Woodward’s Boiling Springs Golf Club was the dream of several locals in the 1970s. It became a reality in 1979 when a new 18-hole golf course opened near Boiling Springs State Park.

Since its opening, Boiling Springs has earned numerous accolades including the following - voted one of the Best Golf Courses by Golf Digest, named one of the top 10 Oklahoma golf courses, considered one of the unheralded municipal courses, and a place where passion is discovered. It is now featured in the 2021 Travel Edition of Golf Oklahoma Magazine that can be accessed at the following link: .

“There has been a resurgence of interest in great natural sites for golf courses in the US,” said Jeff Wagner, the general manager and golf course superintendent. “Here at Boiling Springs Golf Club, we have something unique. It is bursting with beauty from natural terrain, not man-made terrain.”

“Boiling Springs Golf Club has advantages over many golf courses across Oklahoma and the United States,” Wagner added. “It is in a quiet rural location, and the course is not lined with large homes, multiple businesses, and noisy traffic.”

Affordable golf fees and annual membership rates are another advantage of Boiling Springs Golf Club.

Fees are $40 Monday through Thursday and $45 Friday through Sunday for 18 holes.

Wagner is no stranger to Oklahoma. He grew up in Enid and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Horticulture. This degree led him to working at golf courses in Colorado before moving to Woodward with his wife and children.

He began managing and supervising the Boiling Springs Golf Club in 2015. Since then, there have been many positive improvements to the golf course grounds. These include the clearing out of overgrown wooded areas to make more golf course space and better views on the golf course.

Last year Wagner used his drone camera to take aerial shots of the golf course. These gave a better view and perspective of the 60 beautifully irrigated acres of Woodward’s rural golf course. He later posted these photos on the internet which attracted unexpected attention.

“I was surprised when I was contacted by Golf Oklahoma Magazine (official magazine of the Oklahoma Golf Association),” said Wagner. “They wanted to include Boiling Springs Golf Club in the 2021 Travel Edition of Golf Oklahoma Magazine.”

Most businesses have suffered during the COVID-19 Pandemic but not Boiling Springs Golf Club. Instead, business has been booming at the golf course where social distancing, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are healthy components of golf for both adults and children.

Area teenagers utilize the course to train for their high school golf teams. This has even led to multiple state high school golf championships by students from Mooreland High School.

Wagner wants to get the word out about the beauty and challenge of the 18-hole course at the Boiling Springs Golf Club. He is excited to announce that future projects of the golf course are in the works, including a driving range to open in 2021.

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