Shattuck FFA

Shattuck FFA 8th grade student Allyn Goodson, senior Addie Swanson and sophomore Emmie Swanson working on irrigation systems as part of their agriculture education.

While we think of farming and ranching being mostly outside, there is a lot that goes on in the house.

Most farm homes have stacks of specific tools and equipment, bottles and nipples for baby animals, buckets for milking and a designated pile of rags and towels. The refrigerator has a designated spot for animal supplements and medications. Not to mention the gloves, boots, jackets, chaps and hats by the door.

There is also a desk full of record-keeping materials, calendars, journals, books and more to help keep up with the operation and map out improvements.

How does the whole social distancing and distance learning thing work for school FFA classes though?

According to Shattuck FFA Sponsor Chris Kellen, agricultural education isn't the easiest class to teach via zoom or google.

“Shattuck FFA members have been staying active in agricultural activities whether it be working with livestock, plants, natural resources or ag mechanics,” Kellen said. “All students have been assigned to write Thank You notes to supporters as well as perform some sort of community service.”

During this time alone, some of the students have even started some new endeavors.

"The social distancing rules have forced us to be creative while marketing our annual Greenhouse Sale,” Shattuck FFA President Addie Swanson said. “Several members filmed a virtual tour of all of our plants and made a YouTube film which was shown on the Shattuck FFA Facebook page. As a result, we have had a record sale."

Some of those projects have been:

    • Allyn Goodson has been cooking meals and then delivering to elderly residents.

    • Keegan Frazier is tilling gardens.

    • John and Josh Bay have been making concrete & metal tables with firepit inlays.

    • Sydney Melton has made a marketing flier to promote a bull that she raised.

“Like others, we are still waiting to see when we can have our FFA banquet,” Kellen said.

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