Animal control

Woodward Animal Control Supervisor Holly Fargo and Animal Control Officers Thad Howard and Lane Ashpaugh with some of the dogs staying at the shelter a few weeks ago. Rescues have become a huge part of finding homes for most of the animals that come to the shelter. (Photo by Dawnita Fogleman)

One misconception people have about Woodward Animal Control is that the officers don’t like animals. They actually tend to be animal lovers, according to Supervisor Holly Fargo.

“We get threatening phone calls,” Fargo said. “People think just because a dog comes here, it’s going to die and it’s not like that.”

While the shelter can legally put animals down after three days, they like to give more time to get adopted, according to Fargo.

“We’re here to help,” Fargo said. “My last resort is put it down.”

The Internet has helped more animals get adopted because the shelter can put a picture online for people to know what is available for adoption.

“We've seen quite a few out to rescue this year alone,” Fargo said. “It’s like a spider web.”

Referring to the network of rescues working through social media, Fargo said they set up transport and veterinarian care to get animals to facilities that can find homes for the animals.

“I know in the past roughly 1,000 animals would be picked up in a year (in Woodward),” Fargo said. “And I think between 200 and 250 is what were returned owners.”

According to Fargo, there were sadly few adoptions and many animals would have to be put down. That has changed drastically because of the network of rescues.

“Adoptions are picking up,” Fargo encouraged. “We have adoptions from other states sometimes. People from other states will see animals and they’ll call us up.”

To see current animals available for adoption, visit the Woodward Animal Control Facebook page. Adoption fees are $20. Out of town drop-offs are $10 per animal. Impound fees are $15 for the first day, $5 a day thereafter. Fines double after the first pick-up.

You can call Woodward Animal Control at 580-254-8549 or visit from 12:30 noon to 1:30 p.m. 7 days a week at 2420 Western Ave.

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