The Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum is welcoming a new exhibit this weekend title Woodward: Then and Now.

The photography exhibit displays images of Woodward in several locations, inspired by a book project created by Dr. Deena Fisher and Robin Hohweiler.

“The original plan was to have the exhibit coincide with the release of the book, but the publisher delayed publication until January 2021,” said Hohweiler. “The Museum board had already approved the exhibit to run in the month of June so we moved forward with making that happen.”

The photos on display send a strong message about the resilience of Woodward through the years.

“The thing that inspired me about the book project was the fact that there are so many older buildings in Woodward (one that dates to the 1890s) that are still in use today,” Hohweiler said. “Through the Great Depression, the unpredictability of the cattle industry, and the vagaries of oil and gas, Woodward has persevered. At the core of that tenacity to withstand hard times and the accompanying cyclical boom or bust is the use and reuse of the city’s various buildings for a new purpose in a new decade.”

The exhibit will run through the month of June.

“Dr. Fisher and I are very grateful to the Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum for allowing us to research images of the buildings and the respective backgrounds,” Hohweiler said.

For more information, call 580-256-6136.

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