Healthy challenge

Lisha Thompson shows her before and after results following the Healthy Body Challenge. She began in January of this year and has lost around 50 pounds to date. The before picture is from Jan. 9 and the after from Sept 11. (Photos provided)

Twas the night before Christmas,

when all through the house

not a creature was stirring,

not even… Lisha Thompson.

Last Christmas, Thompson took time off in December to spend with her family. Much to her frustration, she spent most of the week in a recliner thanks to a painful knee.

“I was sitting in the recliner all week,” Thompson said. “I couldn’t do anything with them. We didn’t do any activities or quality time or anything. My knee was locking up on me.”

At age 41, Thompson was forced to use a walker to get to Christmas dinner.

“I couldn’t move without either crutches or a walker,” Thompson explained.

That’s when Thompson decided it was time for a life change. She joined Youngevity’s Healthy Body Challenge on Jan. 9, and in 90 days had lost over 30 pounds and 19 inches.

“I thought, you know, I’m going to go ahead and do this,” Thompson said. “Losing weight isn’t going to hurt my knees, it’s going to help it.”

Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach and offers a number of all natural vitamin and mineral supplements.

Thompson and her husband chose to follow the Keto90 plan, which combines Youngevity products with the Keto diet. After both saw weight loss success during the 90 day challenge, Thompson decided to keep completing challenges. She has now lost around 50 pounds and feels like a renewed person.

“So another big accomplishment that I’ve had (while) doing this is, I’ve come off of all my prescription medications,” Thompson said. “I was taking 600 milligrams of blood pressure pills a day and my blood pressure was still running high… I haven’t taken any prescriptions since June of this year and my blood pressure has been staying normal.”

While her weight loss and improved health are their own rewards, Thompson was named one of four national finalists for Youngevity’s Healthy Body Challenge. Next week, Sept. 18 through 22, Youngevity is sending Thompson to San Diego, Calf. for the 2019 National Convention where they will name the two grand champions. The grand champions will be awarded $5,000 and the other two finalists will receive $1,000.

“No matter if I win the $5,000 or not, I have already won,” Thompson laughed. “They need to learn my name.”

While in San Diego, Thompson and her husband Michael will run their first-ever 5K race on Sept. 21. The Be The Change 5K raises money for various charities with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish San Diego, Caterina's Club and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Thompson plans to continue completing the challenges and wants to help others on their health journey.

“If there is anything I can do to help others on their health journey, they can feel free to contact me at the Senior Center,” Thompson said. “I am currently on my third challenge and getting great results.”

On Friday, a few folks will be at Hampton Inn offering free Zyto scans for those interested. According to Thompson, it’s an FDA approved scanning system.

“It scans the palm of your hand,” Thompson explained. “And it reads all of your body. It reads all of your biomarkers and finds out what your normal range is personally… It personalizes it to you individually. It will give you your personalized results.”

Participants will receive an email with their results and a Youngevity regime suggestion based on your reading, according to Thompson.

“Everybody’s body is different,” Thompson said. “So it’ll tell you what products we have that could help you pull those back into range to get your body working the way it needs to.”

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