Leroy Bradt

Leroy Bradt has been missing since Aug. 29

For the past few weeks, there has been an ongoing search for a Harper County man.

According to Harper County Sheriff Cliff Brinson, neighbors saw 68 year-old Leroy Bradt leave his residence with his Australian Shepherd dog Rio around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 29.

“After Leroy did not return, family was contacted and they began searching for him,” Brinson said. “On Wednesday the Harper County Sheriff's Office was notified. An attempt to locate bolo (be on the lookout) was sent out and he was entered into the National Crime Information Center as a missing person.”

Leroy's phone was pinged and eventually was triangulated to be near his home at the time of departure from his residence.

“A friend of his stated that in previous conversations with Leroy (he) had said that he was going to go to a family member in the Tulsa area and then make his way to meet a friend in Arkansas,” Brinson said.

There have been three searches from the air as well as a ground search of the County and surrounding areas, according to Brinson.

“On September 5th we had a pilot on our behalf searching he covered from the west side of Freedom to west of Selman. As well as along the Cimarron River from Freedom to the Kansas state line,” Bradt’s Daughter Stephanie Willcox shared. “We also had a different pilot fly Highway 34 up to Highway 64 then to Buffalo then to Alva. As well as 2 track county roads North and South of County Road 15 to the Cargill Salt Plant.”

“No sign of him, the truck or his dog anywhere,” Willcox said. “As far as we know there is still absolutely nothing and no trace of him at all.”

According to Willcox, hundreds of tips have come in due to social media and news media.

According to Brinson, Bradt is 5 foot 8 inches tall with gray hair and blue eyes. He was driving a red 1999 Ford F250 4 WD extended cab pickup with Oklahoma license plate CNF871.

Anyone with information should contact their local law enforcement agency or the Harper County Sheriff's Office at 580-735-2213.

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