Memorial Day Lake

Fort Supply Lake is ready for Memorial Day and 100 percent reserved for the weekend in Supply Park.

“There are first come, first serve sites still at Beaver Point,” said Fort Supply Lake U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Assistant Lake Manager Eric Summars “We are operating a new pay system at Beaver Point where customers can utilize a credit card through the app.”

There are no water or electric hookups in the Beaver Point campsites for $14 a night, according to Summars.

“All of our Corps of Engineers campgrounds are on the app, and you can search by campground or by lake and find all the campsites that have reservations or that are available,” Summars said. “Best place to go to get up-to-date information.

“For day users, we do have a designated swimming beach. That area is buoyed off, to keep boats and things out of there. It's also pet free so you don’t have to worry about somebody else's pets bothering your children or anything like that.”

The swimming area is five foot average depth. It’s alcohol free and very family friendly. The cost is $5 per carload, according to Summars.

“It's a fairly safe place for kids to go swimming but we still recommend wearing a life jacket at all times if you're not comfortable swimming or parents can't maintain eye contact all the times,” Summars said. “It's beneficial to be wearing that life jacket just for that added safety.”

A credit card option is being installed in June for visitors to pay for swimming beach, boat launch fee or angler pass, according to Summars.

“We do have other beaches around the lake if you'd rather have a pet with you,” Summars said. “You can do that at any other designated swimming beach.”

“We are just about three quarters of a foot high currently,” Summars said. “Our normal full elevation is 2004 feet. We are currently at 2004.77.”

Summars stressed the importance of life jackets on the lake.

“Ensure that every occupant in a boat has a life jacket available to them, and accessible in case of an emergency,” Summars said. “Remember that all your children 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times.”

For more information, visit or call (580) 766-2701.

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