Horace Mann

Horace Mann Elementary students with the new sun shade for their playground. (Photo provided)

Horace Mann Elementary in Woodward partnered with Clearway Energy to make a difference in students’ lives through the companies adopt a school program.

According to Horace Mann counselor Alex Nelson, the company reached out to the school through Ike McVicker last spring and said they wanted to help local schools. The pandemic put a slight delay on the project, but after brainstorming, Horace Mann staff decided that providing a sun shade on the playground was one of the best ways they could enhance the playground for students.

“We thought it would be nice to have a shade area on the playground,” Nelson said. “Especially since our school provides a safe play area for so many neighborhood children who come to find a safe place to play during the summer months.”

Nelson stressed how thankful the school was that Clearway Energy had a heart for their community. Their donation made it possible to make the playground an even better place for students and the local community.

“We were so appreciative,” Nelson said. “These times have been so hard for everyone, and it is especially hard to fundraise. It was wonderful to have this playground piece already paid for.”

Ike McVicker of Clearway Energy said his passion for helping Horace Mann came from a very personal place.

“I went to Horace Mann and I remember a group of us growing up would always walk over to play.” McVicker said. “As soon as I learned our company was encouraging us in the adopt a school program, my first thought was how fun it would be to sponsor the school I grew up in. I went there so I am biased.”

After a few discussions with the school, McVicker said they were thrilled to get the ball rolling on the project.

“We are excited to do more things like this in the future,” he said. “We are hopeful at some point we will be able to enter the classroom and interact with students about what our company does. We are also excited for another project.”

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