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By Dawnita Fogleman

Staff Writer

November is National Adoption Month. In Oklahoma, about 46 percent of children adopted from foster care in 2012 were adopted by their foster parents, according to Circle of Care Regional Program Director Raquel Razien, LMSW.

“I believe adoption is important simply because every child needs a loving home,” adoptive mom Tamara Rosales said.

Rosales and her husband chose to adopt because they believe that adoption is important to be able to show children that someone loves them, that they are important and that they will always have a family to fall back on.

“There are so many ways people can support adoptive and foster families,” Razien said. “If you know someone who has adopted remember just because they completed the adoption does not mean their story is over.”

According to Razien, after the adoption is final, families still need support and encouragement.

“And foster families need these things during their entire journey,” Razien stressed. “Offer to babysit, bring them a meal, pray for them.”

Foster and adoptive families are notoriously terrible at asking for help, Razien said.

“Just know this journey is not easy and they do need you even if they don't say so,” Razien said. “Current adoptive and foster families would say that they often times just need a listening ear, they want their community, friends and family to just be welcoming to the new children in their lives.”

According to Rosales, once children have been adopted, that does not mean all of their problems have gone away or that the family doesn't still need support.

Sometimes biological families are still involved. Many adoptive families continue to communicate with the biological family after adoption because that is still where their child came from, according to Rosales.

“Adoption is such a beautiful blessing,” Rosales said. “(It) is something rewarding each and every day.”

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