The 2009 Bus Driver of the Year is Sheila Digman. She received the award from the Woodward Public Schools Transportation Department.

Digman is in her sixth year of running kids to and from school. It is her fifth nomination for the award, but the first win of her career.

“I was surprised and very proud,” Digman said of winning the award.

The purpose of the award is to encourage drivers to consistently practice safe driving habits.

In order to be nominated for the award, drivers could not receive a traffic ticket during the school year and could not miss more than 20 days out of the 177 school days in which buses run.

“It’s a daily adventure,” Digman said. “You never know what you’re going to be walking into.”

Digman’s bus number 16 takes students of all ages to and from school. From pre-kindergarten students at Westwood Early Childhood Center to elementary students at Highland Park, on through the high school level.

“I do the job because I enjoy the kids,” she said. “I enjoy seeing them grow.”

Digman also said being able to work during the day with children and then spending the evening with her own kids is an added benefit of the job.

Other perks of the job that Digman likes include being able to go to activities like movies with students. She said one of the other bus drivers in the department got to see a Hornets game when the team was playing in Oklahoma City.

This Fourth of July Digman will get to attend another event because of her job. She will be one of the bus drivers that will take people from Woodward High School to Crystal Beach Park for the celebrations that weekend.

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