Oklahoma’s Centennial is about looking ahead to a bright and promising future. But it is also about looking back at our heritage – one that is remarkable in spite of being such a young state.

Visitors to the area this weekend had the opportunity to travel back through time – in some cases even before statehood – to see how things were done “back in the day.”

Seiling hosted a special day highlighting the magnificent Draft Horses whose history may date back to the age of knights in armor. Until the dawn of tractors, the “heavy horse” was used for plowing and other agricultural work.

At Fort Supply, it was Historic Fort Supply’s Cavalry Day, complete with re-enactors, the firing of the cannon and the appearance of Libby Custer (portrayed by Marla Matkin), the wife of George Armstrong Custer.

This evening in Shattuck is your chance to see the beauty and history of windmills and wind power in a celebration from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The old windmills are the forerunners to the amazing wind farms that dot the area’s skyline.

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