The 2006 5th grade DARE graduation was held Tuesday morning at Woodward High School. Woodward County Schools participating in the DARE program were Woodward, Fort Supply, Sharon-Mutual and Mooreland.

A welcome speech was given by DARE officer Deputy Kevin Mitchell. The colors were brought by Mooreland Girl Scout Kenzy Kizer and Mooreland Boy Scout Kenny Kruckenberg. A review of the ten-week DARE program was brought by Lt. Joe Adams.

“We teach the kids about different kinds of drugs and how they affect your body . . . and how to make good decisions,” said Adams.

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) was established in Los Angeles, Calif. in 1983 as an effort to help control the rising drug problem in metropolitan Los Angeles. The program first involved 800 Los Angeles fifth graders and today the program reaches six million fifth grade students a year.

Each student wrote an essay at the end of the 10 week program about the material they learned. An essay winner was selected from each class and received a certificate and a medal.

Essay winners from Woodward Middle School were Savannah Allen, Rose Madara, A.J. Race, Katie Coats, Kalton Ruiz, Gabrielle Hise, Devon Morrison, Meagan Hensley, and Garrett Gaster. Mooreland winners were Landon Peach and Shania Currey. Zach Hunter was the winner from Fort Supply and Cooper Free was the winner from Sharon-Mutual.

Each student was awarded a certificate of graduation from the DARE program. Lt. Adams and Deputy Mitchell presented the certificates. The ceremony was closed by Deputy Mitchell.

The DARE program is brought to the public school system by the Woodward County Sheriff’s Department. Les Morton is the county sheriff.

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