Most individuals have to write a word down to know if it’s spelled correctly.

But Woodward County fourth and fifth graders proved they are ahead of the game Wednesday by standing and orally spelling words such as regatta, mantilla, muumuu, diorama, aristocracy and many more.

Yes, it was the annual Junior County Spelling Bee and the kids were as sharp as ever.

“The words this year are extremely difficult,” said Woodward Middle School Counselor Diana Irving before she explained the spelling bee rules to the contestants and observers.

The 11 area spellers were not fazed by the loud construction noises from the work at Northwestern Electric and Jacob Schnoebelen of Mooreland succeeded in spelling every word tossed his way correctly.

Coming in a close second place was Kari Johnson of Woodward followed by Lucas Potts of Mooreland in third place and Natalie Ramirez of Woodward in fourth place.

Other spellers in the competition were Woodward students Aspen Rutledge, Corian England, Bradon Christian, Kyle Kershner, Woodward Christian Academy student Adam Perez, and Mooreland students Eyrika Brandenburg and Nate Williams.

Schnoebelen will compete next week in the Senior County Spelling Bee which will be sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

The winner of the senior bee will go on to compete in Amarillo.