Local merchants are reaping the benefits of Oklahoma’s first ever tax holiday.

Through Sunday all clothing items in Oklahoma will be sales tax-free and shoppers from all over are taking advantage of the discount.

“It has been awesome today,” said Jesse Clevenger of Sharpe’s. “A lot of out-of-town people.”

Clevenger said the shoppers were not just from around the area but also from Texas and Kansas.

Daisy Adams of Bella’s also said Bella’s had people coming from out of state to purchase clothing.

“It’s been insane,” said Adams.

Lynne Marston of Maurice’s said Friday was a 183% increase from business on that day last year.

Clarice Rosser or Peek-A-Boo, Inc. said that even baby clothes and clothes for very young children are selling quickly.

“I’m just really shocked about it to tell you the truth,” said Rosser. “We’ve had an awesome day.”

According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission website it is not only the regular clothing items such as pants, shirts, skirts and dresses that are tax exempt.

Items included on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website are household and shop aprons, athletic supporters, baby receiving blankets, bathing suits and caps, beach capes and coats, belts and suspenders, boots, coats and jackets, costumes, children and adult diapers including disposable diapers, ear muffs, footlets, formal wear, garters and garter belts, girdles, gloves and mittens for general use, hats and caps, hosiery, insoles for shoes, lab coats, neckties, overshoes, pantyhose, rainwear, rubber pants, sandals, scarves, shoes and shoe laces, slippers, sneakers, socks and stockings, steel toed shoes, athletic and non-athletic uniforms and wedding apparel.

The state of Oklahoma will reimburse money to each town for revenue lost in the tax holiday.

The back-to-school sales tax holiday was passed by the Oklahoma Legislature this year and was designed in part to keep residents shopping for items at home instead of going to neighboring states like Texas that already had such a holiday.

The tax holiday applies to items that cost $100 or less.

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