It’s that time of year again.

The Northwest Pageants - Miss Northwest Mini, Miss Northwest Young Miss, Miss Northwest Pre-Teen and Miss Northwest Teen - have been slated for 7 p.m. June 17 at the Woodward Middle School auditorium. There will be 24 girls competing in the following age divisions - six to eight; nine to 11; 12 to 14 and 15 to 17. The winners of last year’s pageants are very excited about the upcoming event.

Miss Northwest Mini 2005 Amelia Williamson, eight-year-old daughter of Michelle and Bruce Williamson of Woodward, said she began competing in pageants when she was six.

“Usually before every pageant I’m excited because you can win and it’s fun doing it and acting out your talent,” said Amelia. Her talent is a tap dance to “Uptown Girl.”

She said that she enjoys talking to the judges during the interview portion as well as performing on stage.

“I like to go up on stage and dance and have an audience,” she said. She’s also very excited about being able to crown this year’s winner.

During the summer, Amelia enjoys going swimming.

“I like going to Boiling Springs and swimming because there’s waterslides out there and things like that,” she said.

Amelia’s mom, Michelle, said she is very supportive of her daughter in the pageants because she seems to enjoy it so much.

“We would not do this at all if she did not love to do it,” said Michelle. “I never intended on being a pageant mom, so as long as she enjoys it we’ll keep doing it. I have two other daughters who are not interested in it at all, so they just have to find their niche . . . Amelia is so out-going and this is a great way for her to express herself.”

Amelia’s grandparents are Steve and Avis Whittaker and Pauline Williamson, all of Woodward.

Miss Northwest Young Miss 2005 Jaci Hodges is the 11-year-old daughter of Kim and Andy Hodges of Woodward. She will be a sixth grader this year at Woodward Middle School North.

“I’ve been in three pageants so far and been a winner twice,” said Jaci. “I think they’re fun and I like going on stage. I like the dancing the best - I do tap dancing.”

During the summer, Jaci said she enjoys swimming at her grandma’s house, playing basketball and softball and continuing her dancing.

Jaci’s mom, Kim, said she thinks the pageants are a good experience for the girls.

“I thin they learn a lot being in the pageants and they seem to really enjoy it a lot,” said Kim. “The interview process is good for them and being on stage in front of people is really good for them as well.”

Jaci is the granddaughter of J.D. and Joan Hodges of Woodward and Janice and Kenneth Pool of Frederick.

Miss Northwest Pre-Teen 2005 Preslee Newby is the 13-year-old daughter of Andy and Dawnel Newby of Woodward. She will be an eighth grader at Woodward Middle School South this year has been competing in the Northwest Pageants since she was five.

“I’ve been in them every year except the years that I win, because I can’t be in them again until the next year,” said Preslee. “I’ve been in the Miss Heritage Pageants as well and now I compete in pageants across the state in other communities.”

Preslee has won the Northwest Pageants three times and the pageant held in Shattuck once. Her talent is dance.

“I enjoy the talent because I like to perform and I enjoy the interview because I like to talk to people. Another best part about the pageants is going shopping and buying clothes. I like trying on all the pretty dresses and looking at myself in the mirror.”

The other girls immediately responded that they loved this part of the pageant life as well.

During the summer Preslee likes to swim and dance, play basketball and softball, play with her pets and hang out with her friends. She will also be competing in some of the Miss Oklahoma Outstanding Teen Pageants this year, although she is not sure of the dates of those right now.

Preslee’s mom, Dawnel, said that she was in a few pageants when she was growing up as well, but it really wasn’t her thing.

“It’s been really great to have her because she loves pageants and that’s why I’m really glad they have these pageants in Woodward,” said Dawnel. “I don’t think I would have taken her to other towns and she never would have had these opportunities. She’s been in them as long as she could stand up and sing and dance, so now, she has goals to be in the Miss Oklahoma pageant as well as the Miss America pageant. So, if it wasn’t for these pageants here I don’t know if she would have had those goals for herself. It’s also definitely been good for her to be on stage and interview. I love seeing her up there and having a great time. Another thing is that she also meets new friends at every pageant.”

Preslee is the granddaughter of Boyd and Nelwyn Hughes of Freedom and Mickey and Linda Newby of Lindsey. She is the great-granddaughter of Oscar Hughes of Freedom.

Miss Northwest Teen 2005 Alyssa Troy is the 16-year-old daughter of Denise and Daniel Troy of Woodward. She will be a junior at Woodward High School this year. She was in her first pageant when she was 10.

“I’ve been in eight pageants total and won four out of the eight,” said Alyssa. “I was recently in the Miss Oklahoma National Teenager pageant and placed in the top 10 and won a $2,000 scholarship.”

The Oklahoma National Teenager pageant was held in Oklahoma City on May 4 through May 6. Alyssa said in that particular pageant they had an interesting casual wear category where all the girls had to decorate a pair of jeans to match their personality. They also competed in evening gowns, talent and essay and interview. She performed a tap dance to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

“My favorite part would have to be the interview because the judges get to know you and you get to know them and they really get to see who you are as a person,” said Alyssa. She also expressed her enjoyment in shopping for outfits for the pageants as well.

Alyssa’s future pageant plans include being in the Miss Woodward pageant next year, which is a fundraiser held by the junior class. During the summer, she enjoys horseback riding, hanging out with her friends, laying out beside the pool and playing softball and dancing. She is also a member of the Woodward Boomer Dance Team.

Alyssa’s mom, Denise, also agreed that being in the pageants is very beneficial to the girls.

“It really builds their confidence and makes them feel good about themselves to reach the goals they have in life,” said Denise. “My daughter’s older and want to go to college, so the scholarships are great as well.”

Alyssa is the granddaughter of Bill and Cecelia McMahan, Wanda McMahan and John Troy, all of McAlester and she is the niece of Waylon and Martha McMahan of Antlers (who are said to be among some of her biggest supporters.)

The Northwest Pageants are a fundraiser for the Miss Northwest Passage pageant, which is a preliminary pageant to Miss Oklahoma. The Miss Northwest Passage will be held Saturday , Aug. 26 in Alva. Miss Northwest Passage 2005 Savannah White of Alva is competing this year in Miss Oklahoma. For more information about the Northwest Pageants and the Miss Northwest Passage Pageant, log on to

Tickets for the Northwest Pageants will be $5 and can be purchased by any contestant or at Just Looking on Main Street in Woodward. Tickets will also be available at the door.

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