The Woodward County Veterans Memorial has been spruced up with a couple of new trees.

Members of local Boy Scout Troop 251 volunteered their time Tuesday afternoon to plant six Red Oak saplings around the entrance to the walkway that leads up to the memorial.

The saplings were donated by Larry Braun, who took them from his own nursery.

His donation was meant “to get the ball rolling” on a much bigger landscaping project for the memorial site, he said.

“This is the beginning of phase one to pepper the veterans memorial with Red Oaks,” Braun said, noting that “there will probably be three to five phases before its over.”

Throughout the project the trees will be planted in a way “so as not to hide the monuments, but to accent them,” he said.

Braun explained that he felt as if the memorial itself was “a bold stroke” and he “just want(s) to help move it along.”

Red Oaks were chosen specifically because they “are representative of not only strength, but also steadfastness,” he said, noting that this makes them “a fitting tree to represent our veterans and this site.”

Braun said he asked the Boy Scouts to help plant the trees because he really wants other people and organizations to get involved in the landscaping project.

It was a great project for the scouts, according to Scout Master David Sauls, who noted that the goals of Boy Scouts include teaching good citizenship, responsibility and community awareness.

“What better way (to do that) than to honor those that serve our country,” Sauls said, noting that when it comes to thanking those that serve, “it takes more than just saying the words, you have to show it.

“It takes action to show appreciation for what they’ve done,” he said, which is why the scouts were eager to help.

Those scouts that volunteered to help included Dakota Davis, 15, Patrick Shaw, 14, and Josh Hoffert, 14, who all agreed that it felt good to be a part of something that would be a lasting tribute to area veterans.

Hoffert said he looks forward to when he is older and “can come back and say we planted those trees when we were just scouts.”

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