Saying it is “probably the best lead we’ve received in three and a half years,” Woodward County Sheriff Les Morton is organizing a major search for the body of Logan Tucker.

Tucker disappeared in June 2002 when he was six-years-old. His mother, Katherine Pollard, was arrested Feb. 23 and charged with first-degree murder in Tucker’s disappearance.

The Sheriff’s office, and particularly investigator Monte Clem, have followed a number of leads over the past few years. This one, Morton said, surfaced just recently, and is leading officials to the Woodward County Landfill located between Mooreland and Woodward.

“We received it (the information) about two weeks ago,” Morton said. “Basically what we did was polygraph the individual to make sure what he was telling us was good and correct. Once we got that set up and done, we were satisfied it was good information.

“This not only connects with the evidence from three and a half years ago, the location is good and the time frame is good, which is prompting us to go ahead and go with the information we have.”

Morton said the search will be conducted at the landfill, and will probably start toward the middle to end of the week.

“Monte Clem has been on this case from the get-go,” Morton said. “He has run down every lead, talked to every witness, traveled every mile that needs to be traveled and he and I both concur this is probably the best lead we’ve had since the investigation started.”

According to court records the last time law enforcement agents can pinpoint Logan Tucker’s whereabouts alive was on June 23, 2002. He wasn’t actually reported missing until Sheriff’s deputies were asked to do a welfare check on the boy on July 7, 2002.

Pollard allegedly told a number of different stories about where Logan was – from DHS workers taking Logan to him being with her brother in either Vermont or Pennsylvania. Officials determined that none of the stories were true.

On July 16, 2002, law enforcement officials organized a massive search with over 300 people from across the state looking for the boy on horseback, foot, in all-terrain vehicles and other modes of transportation. That search, and others over the years, have turned up no sign of the boy.

Pollard is in the Woodward County Jail on a bond of $250,000 and her preliminary hearing is set for May 23.

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