Election day is five days away and election board officials are expecting a large voter turnout in Woodward County.

The fuel behind that projection is a competitive race for District 26 District Attorney and the race for District 59 State Representative. Democrat Mike Stake and Republican Hollis Thorp are competing retiring District Attorney Ray Don Jackson. Stake is a local attorney and Thorp is an assistant district attorney in Fairview.

As for the seat as State Representative, there are three candidates, incumbent Republican Rob Johnson, Democrat Richie Oakes and Michael Hammer is running as an independent. Johnson is from Kingfisher and just completed his first term in the state house of representative. Oakes is from Taloga and Hammer is from Canton.

District 59 encompasses a portion of Woodward County. Only voters in precincts 203, 204, 207 and 306 will be eligible to vote in that race.

Woodward County Election Board Secretary Carol Carrell said that the turnout for the primaries was very good in Woodward County and she expects a good portion of the county’s 10,000 registered voters to vote in Tuesday’s general election.

There are a few things Carrell wants voters to know before going to the poll.

First, voters can take a sample ballot to the polling place if they would like. Second, for voters who may not be able to get out of their cars and into their designated polling places, workers will bring the ballots out to their cars and allow them to vote from their car. Third, provisional voting is available.

Most importantly, Carrell says, “Just get out and vote.”

Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board Michael Clingman expects about 900,000 voters to hit the polls on Tuesday. Clingman said that figure is about average for an election with no U.S. Senate race and a governor running for re-election.

Beaver County could also have a high turnout due to hotly contested races for county assessor and county commissioner, said Vera Floyd, election board secretary.

Dewey County also has some local issues, including a proposal for adding a half-cent to the county sales tax that could bring voters to the polls, and a county commissioner race in District No. 1

Dewey County is also part of District 59, and there is a race for Associate District Judge between Roger Foster and Rick Bozarth that affects the county.

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