Another week of searching is almost completed at the Woodward County Landfill for missing Woodward boy Logan Tucker.

Tucker, who went missing in June of 2002, is believed to be in the Woodward County Landfill after officials received a tip concerning the boy’s whereabouts.

“We are still finding good dates in the debris we have searched this week,” said Woodward County Undersheriff Monty Clem. “The addresses we are finding are still very sporadic, but we believe we are in the right time frame to find Logan.”

It was believed that the area currently being searched by officials might be the end of the landfill effort, but Clem reports that after Friday is finished, officials will meet to determine where to move to next.

“We are still in good dates and as long as we are finding them we will not quit,” said Clem. “This is too important to stop when we are still seeing promise of finding Logan.

“We will be meeting Friday afternoon to evaluate where we need to look and where we need to be excavating to determine our best chances of finding Logan.”

The heat remains to be one of the largest battles authorities are waging during the search. The high temperatures the past few days is causing some small problems for searchers, Clem said.

“We will be starting at 6 a.m. on Friday morning,” said Clem. “We want to do this so we can remain attentive to what we are looking through to make sure we don’t miss anything. This heat is very hard on the searchers because once you reach a certain temperature all you start thinking about is how hot you are. We do not want to overlook anything so to ensure we stay fresh we have decided to start earlier in the day on Friday.”

Katherine Pollard who was arrested and charged with murdering her son, remains in the Dewey County Jail on $250,000 bond. Pollard is set to be in court for her preliminary hearing which is set to begin on Aug. 2.

Pollard has also filed a civil suit against the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office and the Woodward County D.A. Pollard claims that her rights have been violated by both offices. The civil case will go before Associate District Judge Joseph Marak next week.

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