SHATTUCK – This Ellis County community was busy on Saturday as the Shattuck Heritage Festival got under way.

Cars were packed down both sides of Main Street as folks from all over the area took in the plethora of food and sunshine. Some of the festivities that were being enjoyed included a talent show under the big tent down town as well a car show taking place beside the high school.

Several different types of cars and trucks could be found at the car show and attendees of the show were serenaded to the music of the 50’s and 60’s. Cars ranging from British imports, stock cars, and several muscle cars were on display. Also on display were several Ford and Chevrolet pick-ups, a U.S. Army Humvee and an Army Jeep.

One of the more interesting highlights was the opportunity everyone had to pay $5 to have someone, friend or foe, thrown in jail for 15 minutes. The person getting arrested did however have the opportunity to pay $10 to be set free without serving their jail time. All proceeds made from the jail went to the Shattuck Main Street to help with cost of keeping up Main Street and projects throughout the year.

“We have had about 10 people arrested so far but everyone has wanted to pay their way out, but we have a stack of warrants here so we are about to get to work and see if we can’t fill this jail up,” Garrett Miller said, jokingly. Miller was head jailer for the Heritage Festival.

Events were planned through the night, ending with a couple of dances.