The Woodward Education Foundation went above and beyond this spring in the awarding of Teacher Grants for the fall semester of 2007.

“We went above our regular budget and funded some Centennial grants,” said Education Foundation board member Ingrid Meinders.

The Education Foundation grants money to teachers for innovative approaches to learning. Each teacher must submit their idea for projects and materials needed and the submissions are reviewed by the Allocations Committee. The teachers are left anonymous and the committee votes on the project idea submitted, not the teacher who submitted it.

Wednesday the Education Foundation awarded more than $16,000 in grants to Woodward teachers for projects to be undertaken in the fall of 2007.

Teachers awarded were Kelly Brown of Woodward High School, Mona Schmitz of Highland Park, Ashley Stout of Woodward High School, Tecia Spray of Westwood, Amy Whitewater of Woodward Middle School, Bryan Stevens of Woodward Middle School, Matt Humble of Woodward Middle School, Glenda Swigart of Woodward Middle School, Linda Menefee for English as a Second Language, Linda Kessinger of Woodward High School and Woodward Middle School, Bana Bogdahn of Westwood, Jo Lynn Love of Woodward High School, Mandy Rowley of Cedar Heights, Marsha Hoock of Westwood, Dawn Castor of Woodward High School, Crystal Simmons of Woodward High School, Rita Barnett of Woodward High School, Kathryn Fanning of Woodward High School, Mechelle Andrews of Woodward High School, Deborah Yarbrough of Woodward High School, Cheryl Lucas of Horace Mann, Patsy McIlvain of Horace Mann, Lynette Balch of Horace Mann, Lisa Ross of Woodward Middle School, Brenda Rea of Woodward Middle School, Carriann Cook of Woodward Middle School and Regina Warnick of Highland Park.

Several teachers were given more grant money than they applied for because the Education Foundation decided that their projects should be for the entire Woodward student body, kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Presenting the grants to the teachers were Board President Bruce Benbrook, Board President Elect Kim Hodges and board members Ingrid Meinders, Aaron Sims, Sherry Howell and Linda Harrison.

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