The search for Logan Tucker started Monday morning at the Woodward County Landfill.

Tucker, who has been missing since 2002, is presumed to be in the landfill after the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that investigators call “the best tip they have received so far on the whereabouts of Logan Tucker.”

Logan Tucker was six-years-old at the time of his disappearance in June 2002. His mother Katherine Pollard has been charged with first-degree murder in the case and is in the Woodward County Jail on $250,000 bond.

Pollard was arrested and charged Feb. 23 of this year.

“We started digging our test holes today and it has been pretty slow going so far,” said Woodward County Sheriff Les Morton. “It is moving a little slower than I anticipated but we are making progress. We have an idea of where we are going.”

The test holes are being dug, according to Morton, to find dated material for around the time that Logan disappeared.

“We have dug into the landfill around a depth of 16 feet,” said Morton. “At this depth we are seeing material dated to 2003 and 2004. We are hoping a few more feet will bring us the 2002 time period which will put us in the right date range for when Logan was believed to have gone missing.”

To aid in the search Morton is also planning to obtain satellite photos of the landfill that were taken in 2002.

“These photos will allow us to see where trash was being put at that time in question,” said Morton. “This will also allow us to have an idea of what that area looked like in 2002, which will for sure aid us in the search and give us a better idea of where to look accompanied with the dated material we are going through at this present time.”

Since the decision was made to search the landfill and the call went out for donations to assist in the search, the community has responded wonderfully.

“We have had a great calling from the community and we are all very thankful for the support we have received,” said Morton. “We are still low on a few items and any help we can receive would be greatly appreciated.”

Those items still needed for the search for Logan Tucker are: Shovels, tarps, campstyle folding shovels, power generating flashlights (shake lights), halogen stand lights, duct tape, masking tape, notepads, clipboards, cotton or vented Tyvex coveralls, plastic dinnerware, paper plates, cups, napkins, campstyle cook kits, Gatorade, snacks such as cookies and chips, and space heaters.

To donate to the Looking for Logan cause you may contact the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office at 580-256-3264 or the Woodward Chapter of the American Red Cross at 1209 9th St.

To donate money or meals please contact Woodward City/County Emergency Management Office at 580-256-3833 and leave a message and your call will be returned shortly.

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