High Plains Technology Center has a unique program which teaches students and offers a service to the community.

Forrest Rogers’ marketing class allows students to learn to set up films for school, community or family events.

Rogers said the making of the films teaches the students about sales, customer service, basic human relation skills, inventory and purchasing.

While the students rarely do any of the filming they can take films and/or photos of an event and turn it to a keepsake DVD or even an instructional video.

“We can do 50 projects at a time,” said Rogers.

Recently the class put together a fork lift operation instructional video which was an hour and a half in length. The video will be an important tool for years to come for anyone who must learn how to operate a fork lift.

The class can also take photographs and videos from important events such as anniversaries, birthdays or church events and turn it into an easy to share video.

While the class does not do much of their own filming they have filmed some of Woodward’s community events.

“We filmed for Crystal Christmas and we filmed for the Elks Rodeo this summer,” said Rogers.

Any person or organization who would like their photos and videos put together can bring their photos, films and blank CDs or DVDs to the marketing class and, for a donation to the school’s marketing organization, receive their keepsake video.

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