The Woodward News

September 30, 2012

Shinn at 3 p.m.: Don't look for big changes on the snap

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said last week that running the ball needs to be emphasized. The

Sooners ran the ball just 27 times in 70 plays in the loss to Kansas State.

But quarterback Landry Jones has operated almost exclusively under center through the first three games. Stoops said that won't likely change. The pistol formation, with the quarterback closer to the center and a running back behind him, solves the problem.

"You still have the opportunity to run all the same plays. We just feel it's easier to operate in that situation," he said. "But you can still run all your play-action from the pistol as you do if you're under center."

Jones doesn't see any difference between the pistol and taking the snap under center. He doesn't believe OU's offensive problems are based on where he takes the snap.

"It might be something we look at," he said. "I don’t see us making a huge change from doing what we do. You look at the other night, we had five or six drives inside the 15, 10 yard line and we come out with 19 points so that’s the big deal of the games of us just really just not putting it together when we needed to put it together."