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June 26, 2014

Woodward fire, police calls

Woodward, Okla. — Fire calls

Saturday, June 21:

4:16 p.m.  Unauthorized burning, 1300 block of Old Central Dr.

5:15 p.m.  Medical assist, 100 block of E. Cherry Ave.

9:44 p.m.  Vehicle accident with injuries, 1700 block of 9th St.

10:29 p.m.  Medical assist, 900 block of Walnut Ave.

Sunday, June 22:

5:37 p.m.  Medical assist, E/W 39 and N/S 192

7:19 p.m.  Vehicle accident, 1st St. and Spruce Dr.

Monday, June 23:

7:13 a.m.  Medical assist, 700 block of 13th St.

10:30 a.m.  Vehicle accident, Oklahoma Ave. and 21st St.

11:52 a.m.  Medical assist, 900 block of 18th St.

7:13 p.m.  Rescue, Highway 183 and Beaver River

11:39 p.m.  Medical assist, 200 block of E. Maple Ave.

Tuesday, June 24:

7:34 a.m.  Emergency medical service, 900 block of 34th St.

10:45 a.m.  Medical assist, 1400 block of 7th St.

Police calls

Saturday, June 21:

12:00 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a fight going on involving 5 people next door), 1600 block of 2nd St.

12:11 a.m.  Suspicious person (caller advising of 3 teenagers walking around area, concerned because of recent vandalism), 1400 block of Downs Ave.

12:35 a.m.  Outside assist (officer out with OHP), 9th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

12:43 a.m.  Traffic stop, no address given

1:33 a.m.  Traffic stop, 34th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

1:44 a.m.  Traffic stop, 5800 block of Oklahoma Ave.

2:10 a.m.  Traffic stop, 34th St. and Downs Ave.

3:26 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising a subject attacked her while she was asleep), 1400 block of Downs Ave.

7:10 a.m.  Residential alarm, 1000 block of Frontier Dr.

8:19 a.m.  Vandalism (caller advising glass door was broken out, unsure if anything was stolen), 400 block of E. Main St.

8:29 a.m.  Bomb threat (caller advising a subject came to business and made threats about bombing Woodward), 28th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

9:19 a.m.  Traffic stop, 500 block of Oklahoma Ave.

9:20 a.m.  Traffic stop, 22nd St. and Railroad tracks

10:06 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller reporting a stolen car), 1900 block of 2nd St.

11:09 a.m.  Traffic stop, 3rd St. and Oklahoma Ave.

12:24 p.m.  Motorist assist, Highway 412 east of Woodward

1:13 p.m.  Traffic stop, 22nd St. and Downs Ave.

3:19 p.m.  Burglary (caller advising home was broken into on Thursday and games were stolen), 500 block of Oklahoma Ave.

3:43 p.m.  Disturbance in progress (caller advising of people yelling and screaming at each other), 400 block 12th St.

3:55 p.m.  Suspicious person (caller advising a man knocked on her door and is now sitting in her yard), 100 block of E. Walnut Ave.

4:14 p.m.  Non-injury accident (caller advising she and another vehicle just had an accident), 13th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

4:43 p.m.  Security (for tractor pull event), Crystal Beach Arena

5:45 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising his wife had been rear-ended), 1st St. and Williams Ave.

6:14 p.m.  Traffic stop, 1500 block of Texas Ave.

6:33 p.m.  Shoplifting (caller advising of 2 subjects he is trying to detain for shoplifting and they are resisting), 3200 block of Williams Ave.

7:03 p.m.  Traffic stop, 9th St. and Oak Ave.

8:26 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of male subject yelling and throwing limbs at house), 1400 block of 13th St.

9:16 p.m.  Welfare check (caller advising of child laying in roadway and another sitting on curb), 1700 block of 48th St.

9:44 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising a semi has rear-ended a car, one subject reporting neck pain, accident is blocking traffic), 1700 block of 9th St.

10:15 p.m.  Outside assist (sheriff's deputy requesting K9 assistance), Highway 412 west of Mooreland

11:38 p.m.  Burglary (caller advising he saw 3 juveniles trying to get into neighbor's vehicle and then they ran off), 800 block of 23rd St.

11:56 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of 3 kids trying to break into his vehicle), 2300 block of Taylor Ave.

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