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May 8, 2012

Public records, 5-8-2012

Woodward, Okla. — Police Calls

Friday, May 4:

12:10 a.m.  Suspicious vehicle (caller advising of a car with its horn honking and nobody is around it), 2200 block of Main St.

1:34 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising she was locked inside bar by herself and needed to get out), 300 block of 48th St.

1:57 a.m.  Alarm (when officers arrived on scene they found broken window), 2800 block of 8th St.

2:22 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of 3 boys in parking lot breaking into cars), 3300 block of 22nd St.

7:58 a.m.  Animal at large (caller advising of a dog trying to get in and attack her dogs), 2000 block of Madison Ave.

8:15 a.m.  Animal at large (caller advising of aggressive dog running loose), 14th St. and Kansas Ave.

8:41 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating she witnesses an accident between 2 vehicles), 9th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

9:00 a.m.  Suspicious person (caller advising they have a man in their store acting strange and talking about getting even with someone), Downs Ave. and Oklahoma Ave.

10:34 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a semi that almost ran him off the road), Eastbound on Oklahoma Ave.

11:09 a.m.  Suspicious activity (caller advising some children found a black and white striped jumpsuit), 500 block of Oak Ave.

11:54 a.m.  Complaint (caller stating 2 utility trucks are parked at location making it difficult for vehicles to get through), 1400 block of 20th St.

3:54 p.m.  Stolen vehicle (caller wanting to report his vehicle as stolen because someone took it last night while he was in jail), 1600 block of Elmview St.

4:24 p.m.  Child abuse (man wanting to speak to officer about a mother and child abusing drugs), report made at WPD station

4:34 p.m.  Extra patrol requested (caller wanting patrol because of equipment set up for a motorcycle class), Crystal Beach Park

6:20 p.m.  Larceny (caller stating his daughter's bike was stolen), 1400 block of 19th St.

6:39 p.m.  Non-injury accident (caller advising he was backing out and ran into a vehicle), 1700 block of 12th St.

7:24 p.m.  Animal at large (caller advising of a dog in alley that keeps charging at her and her husband), 1600 block of 7th St.

7:54 p.m.  Intoxicated pedestrian (caller advising of an intoxicated male bothering customers asking for money), 800 block of NW Highway 270

8:12 p.m.  Larceny (caller stating she had a box delivered to her residence and it has been opened and the contents stolen), 4900 block of Pleasant View

8:25 p.m.  Runaway (caller advising her 15-year-old daughter ran away from her job), 1400 block of 27th St.

8:50 p.m.  Suspicious vehicle (caller stating a blue vehicle has been parked for about 45 minutes with a female passenger, who said she was waiting on a male who walked to grocery store), 1st St. and Main St.

8:59 p.m.  Motorist assist (pickup broken down in roadway), 2800 block of 8th St.

9:19 p.m.  Suspicious persons (caller advising detectives showed pictures the other day of 2 people they wanted to speak with, caller believes those subjects just checked into motel for night), 900 block of NW Highway 270

9:23 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller reporting a reckless driver, then could hear caller arguing with other subject), Western Ave.

9:25 p.m.  Larceny (caller advising of a bicycle stolen out of her driveway), 1300 block of 1st St.

9:39 p.m.  Larceny (caller stating someone stole tools from his residence), 400 block of 11th St.

11:03 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of group of kids who look like they are beating on each other), 800 block of 1st St.

Saturday, May 5:

1:33 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a lot of men at location fighting), 1700 block of 4th St.

1:38 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising they drove by and saw a fight with about 20 to 30 people), 300 block of 48th St.

2:04 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising a male subject is outside trying to fight with patrons as they leave bar), 6th St. and Main St.

2:52 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a pickup that clipped his truck), 2300 block of Oklahoma Ave.

4:19 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a fight involving 3 or 4 men), 900 block of 12th St.

9:45 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising his white pickup was stolen sometime last night), 500 block of Maury Ave.

10:05 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating his red pickup was stolen), 1600 block of Hillcrest

11:39 a.m.  Suspicious activity (caller advising of possible drug activity because of people being dropped off and picked up, apartments placed on extra patrol), 1700 block of 12th St.

11:46 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating there is a verbal dispute going on between 2 males and a female), 1800 block of 4th St.

11:57 a.m.  Animal at large (caller advising of a brown horse running loose), 8th St. and Hanks Trail

12:08 p.m.  Child in need of supervision (caller advising some kids playing in the street and no adults around), 300 block of Texas Ave.

12:49 p.m.  Complaint (caller complaining of subject driving with no license), 19th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

1:14 p.m.  Missing person (subject reporting her son as missing, hasn't been heard from since day before, called back at 2:38 p.m. and said found son okay, he was working), report made at WPD station

1:55 p.m.  Hit and run, 1600 block of Hillcrest

4:28 p.m.  Larceny (caller advising the guy who was staying with her took her truck keys and is refusing to give them back), 2600 block of Main St.

4:55 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating she saw a male subject jerk a child by its arm and then started spanking the child, then woman came over whipping child too and slapping it across the face), 1800 block of 2nd St.

5:06 p.m.  Disturbance in progress (caller advising a male subject was yelling and threatening to break out windows if he did not get his things back), 2600 block of Main St.

5:35 p.m. 9-1-1 call (caller advising her brother-in-law punched her in the face), 1300 block of 13th St.

3:33 p.m.  Child in need of supervision (caller advising of a naked child approximately 2 or 3 years old playing on playground equipment), Crystal Beach Park

7:54 p.m.  Trespassing (caller advising of 4 juveniles that have gone into the old hospital), 4th St. and Locust Ave.

9:53 p.m.  Possible drug activity (no details given), Woodward High School

11:35 p.m.  Sexual assault (caller stating he was calling on behalf of his wife who stepped out of motel room and the guests next door harassed her and slapped her on the butt), 2300 block of 8th St.

Sunday, May 6:

12:49 a.m.  Alarm (caller advising 2 females were on site and one claimed to be resident of home, but gave wrong code), 600 block of 21st St.

1:01 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating someone hit her concrete mailbox and left), 2800 block of Apache Dr.

1:21 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising he just got into a fight with 4 other people and tried to stab someone, but other subjects have since left), 1700 block of 48th St.

1:57 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating his girlfriend said he put his hands on her and he said he didn't, it was just verbal), 1700 block of 48th St.

2:21 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising they were woken up to vehicle running into their house, but vehicle is unoccupied), 1500 block of Webster Ave.

2:39 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating male subject from 1:57 a.m. call came back), 1700 block of 48th St.

8:28 a.m.  Disturbance (caller stating his ex-girlfriend was trying to take property that did not belong to her and now will not leave), 1300 block of Elm Ave.

8:42 a.m.  Welfare check (caller stating her elderly neighbor with dementia locked herself out of her house, officer went to check on her welfare), 3200 block of Wheatridge Dr.

9:10 a.m.  Welfare check (caller wanting a check on her child because unable to contact the child or child's guardian), 1600 block of Elmview St.

9:34 a.m.  Complaint (caller complaining about a subject driving a vehicle without a driver's license), Crystal Beach Park

10:09 a.m.  Runaway (caller stating her 15-year-old daughter has runaway again), 1800 block of 4th St.

1:46 p.m.  Complaint (caller stating there is a white pickup blocking the alley), 13th St. and Locust Ave.

3:31 p.m.  Runaway (caller advising out looking for runaway daughter and think people may be hiding her at location), 1700 block of 2nd St.

5:41 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating they located their stolen vehicle), 1200 block of Downs Ave.

6:59 p.m.  Hit and run (caller stating returned home from work and noticed dent in her vehicle), 400 block of 10th St.

7:00 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating 2 kids are unsupervised and playing too close to the street), 1200 block of Downs Ave.

7:56 p.m.  Intoxicated driver (caller advising of a maroon pickup swerving from shoulder to shoulder and driving different rates of speed), Highway 270

8:03 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller reporting his 17-year-old daughter as runaway because she left in a white vehicle without permission), 400 block of 12th St.

8:40 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating there is a female subject tearing up his truck and hit him in the back of the head), 300 block of E. Maury Ave.

9:04 p.m.  Reckless driver (caller advising of a white car is driving reckless, also advised it was her sister's vehicle and boyfriend had stolen it from Fargo), Eastbound on Oklahoma Ave.

9:31 p.m.  Larceny (woman wanting to report her cell phone as stolen and she knows who took it), report made at WPD station

10:39 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of loud noise and people drinking outside), 100 block of Santa Fe Ave.

11:17 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising he saw 2 male subjects take off from machine shop area), 4900 block of Oklahoma Ave.

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