The Woodward News

June 17, 2012

Public records, 6-12-2012

Woodward News

Woodward, Okla. — Fire Activity

Friday, June 8:

10:10 p.m.  Medical assist, 2700 block of Santa Fe Ave.

11:46 p.m.  Medical assist, 200 block of E. Elm Ave.

Saturday, June 9:

12:19 p.m.  Emergency medical call, Mooreland

Sunday, June 10:

12:23 a.m.  Medical assist, Crystal Beach Park

2:53 p.m.  Natural vegetation fire, 22nd St. and Briarwood Dr.

6:07 p.m.  Medical assist, North of Boiling Springs to E/W 38

6:25 p.m.  Medical assist, 2600 block of 2nd St.

Police Calls

Friday, June 8:

7:35 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a small girl walking alone), 100 block of E. Ash Ave.

8:54 a.m.  Welfare check (caller advising of a woman walking in area appearing to be looking for something), 2nd St. and Oklahoma Ave.

9:14 a.m.  Stolen vehicle (caller stating his mother told him his vehicle had been stolen, but then advised it could have been repo'd), 1600 block of Main St.

9:38 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising that she got a call from her babysitter that the door was open and her daughter is missing), 1100 block of 1st St.

11:05 a.m.  Larceny (subject wanting to speak with officer reference a pickpocket), report made at WPD station

11:14 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller wanting officer to check on his wife and son, because thought wife might be doing drugs), 2900 block of Williams Ave.

11:58 a.m.  Non-injury accident, 3100 block of Williams Ave.

12:07 p.m.  Traffic stop (no details given, but 3 officers responded), 22nd St. and Main St.

1:29 p.m.  Scam calls (caller advising of a guy who keeps calling and calling and is tying up phone lines), 4300 block of Oklahoma Ave.

3:15 p.m.  Non-injury accident (caller needing officer because someone backed into her), 13th St. and Oklahoma Ave.

3:44 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a brown horse in her yard), 100 block of E. Oak Ave.

11:37 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising she witnessed a green truck hit a light pole), 9th St. and Main St.

11:43 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising a guy in a gray vehicle just threw a beer can at him), Northbound on Williams Ave.

Saturday, June 9:

12:13 a.m.  Larceny (caller advising someone stole her credit cards), 1st St. and Williams Ave.

12:30 a.m.  Suspicious person (caller advising of someone sitting on curb outside her house), 1500 block of 26th St.

1:14 a.m.  Suspicious activity (caller advising dogs are barking and doesn't know why, wants officers to check area), 1600 block of 4th St.

1:33 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising a man knocked on her window and is now lying on sidewalk by her door), 2800 block of Wilshire

3:04 a.m.  Outside assist (sheriff's office wanting officer to contact resident about an abandoned vehicle that was wrecked northwest of town), 600 block of Webster Ave.

3:21 a.m.  Outside assist (sheriff's office called back with another address for possible owner of wrecked vehicle), 1700 block of 4th St.

4:54 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller stating her ex-boyfriend picked her up and threw her, her wrist was injured), 800 block of 15th St.

8:07 a.m.  Embezzlement, 1600 block of Oklahoma Ave.

10:07 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising someone kicked in the door), 2100 block of Oklahoma Ave.

10:47 a.m.  Child in need of supervision (caller advising a teenager was acting strange, the teen had lain down in the road, but then got up and started walking west), 1100 block of Jefferson Ave.

10:59 a.m.  Missing person (caller advising her daughter has been missing since yesterday, but then advised didn't know if daughter had left town or was staying at a motel where a friend works - another friend called at 9:32 p.m. and daughter's fiance called at 9:49 p.m.), no address given

11:30 a.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising someone stole her cell phone last night), 3300 block of Williams Ave.

1:00 p.m.  Suspicious activity (caller advising of a possible drug situation, claiming some subjects are waiting in a car for someone else to give them drugs), 900 block of Main St.

1:21 p.m.  Gas drive-off, 2500 block of Oklahoma Ave.

1:26 p.m.  Shoplifting, 800 block of Main St.

1:29 p.m.  Disturbance (caller advising a male subject was being disruptive and when he was asked to leave, he punched some furniture), 900 block of 17th St.

3:04 p.m.  Reckless driver (caller advising a female subject from a semi that had been passing other vehicles in no passing zone is now in city limits), Eastbound on Western Ave.

3:34 p.m.  Non-injury accident (caller advising his neighbor backed into his pickup), 900 block of 24th St.

6:34 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising of a female subject sitting in the middle of the road, possibly intoxicated), 1700 block of 19th St.

8:26 p.m.  Extra patrol requested (caller advising wants patrol because believes a male subject is going around looking in other people's windows at night), 3800 block of 1st St.

10:05 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising that there are some subjects 2 doors down are very intoxicated and were getting loud, could hear them talking about fighting), 21st St. and Oklahoma Ave.

10:52 p.m.  Reckless driver (caller advising of a motorcycle speeding up and down the street), 11th St. north of Railroad Tracks

11:36 p.m.  9-1-1 call (caller advising a male subject walked into his house and beat up one of his friends, now leaving), 2100 block of Mac Lane